BUPA London 10,000



  • my hubby did take a few nice pics but would be nice to see the professional pics especially as they kept leaping out and taking pictures all morning!

  • 2 of me (taken at the same time) - not very flattering image Manboobs looking very perky LOL Says 31% complete so far.
  • DonnaGDonnaG ✭✭✭
    still nothing for me
  • I'm 29% complete! head held high at the end of the race....probably a bit too high!


  • DonnaGDonnaG ✭✭✭
    You guys that have photos were you low or high bib numbers?
  • High; 9952
  • yes long wait for photos,just did a fab 6 miler along the river avon.
  • @DonnaG - High - 11200+
  • BerlinerinBerlinerin ✭✭✭

    Delurking to say:   DonnaG, my number was also high:  11635, and my photos have just appeared. 

    While I'm posting, just wanted to add to the general consensus: it was a great race and a fantastic  day.  PB was the icing on the cake.  Well done to all.

     *Retreats to lurkdom*

  • DonnaGDonnaG ✭✭✭
    still nothing for me image
  • DonnaGDonnaG ✭✭✭
    I've now come to the conclusion that there are no photos of me
  • none for me yet...maybe I was running too fast image
  • DVD's will be posted tomorrow
  • Still only 38% complete DonnaG. Still time image
  • I've got 3 up now. 38%

    Best running photos of me ever. Far too expensive for me though!

  • DonnaGDonnaG ✭✭✭
    I take it back, there are now two of me and it says 38% complete and I look like a weeble
  • TracyB - there's some of you but none for me yetimage
  • My thinking is if you were faster (with more runners around you) it may take a while longer to sort you out. I am a plodder so had nobody near me, easier to pick me out then image
  • T-Dog yes I got them.. dreadful of me - still none of you

    Edd image You hold your head high mate, you did good!

    gmike fab action shots of you!! - stalking ability getting stronger image

    Mr.K. Top outfit.. I have one just like it ..

    Lisa Edmeads nice top image

    MaggieS - lovely pic and nice to meet you

    Disclaimer: I am by no means a stalker.. just following up on info in the public domain image

  • oh I can't get on there ... it's come to a grinding halt ... that's not fair image

    Got a quick look at mine .. oh dear .. must work on my happy running face image

  • there are loads of you! Yes.. not looking happy but very active! Check mine out image
  • yours are all right ... at least ya smiling image

    I'm trying to find K now

    Hahahah found him .. superb image

  • 1737 10 of me
  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭

    Morning all

    A link to my photos - Enjoy image

    (Got your mail TracyB image )

  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭

    Thanks to VLM over @ fetch

  • There 5 pics for me this morning, 4 being big chubby blokey me, and one being two lovely slender ladies running together! The ones of me are all from Mall though I think. Hope they have some from other bits of the course.
  • I still get the email notification image
  • Morning, 

    Mr.K. def lacking the fishnets image (oh.. have we exhausted that one now?) Great re. video.

    p.s. have worked out the mystery too now image

    gmike your pics are fab action shots!

    Have just been out for my first run since Monday image planned 6 miles, cut it down to 5, finally about 4 (at a push) some walking, absolutely bl00dy rubbish.. and don't have time the rest of the weekend! Bl00dy chocolate birthday cake.. ankles.. shins.. calves!! How the hell did I think I could do Southend Half in two weeks! Two week training plan anyone?? image (angry, not sunburnt, not drunk, angry!!)

  • DonnaGDonnaG ✭✭✭
    There's 10 of me now and it says 76% complete, but they're all at the last 200metres.  Maybe I was just too fast for them round the rest of the course image
  • only 2 pics for me so far, and one is truly horrible image
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