Cleaning running shoes

Is it ok to use a bit of soap to clean running shoes?

Of course, I don't want to ruin them, and I'm happy for them not to look as white and shiny as when they were new - but that dark grey colour the mesh has acquired isn't very appealing either. Using only water, I can get the rubber and plastic bits to a respectable light grey, but it doesn't seem to make any difference to the mesh parts.

Would it be ok to thoroughly soak them and leave them in the water for quite long, or would they start smelling?



  • scrub them with a bit of light detergent, and then stuff newspaper in them to dry...Not too hot water either, as it'll melt the glue!
  • Clean running shoes????  Sorry, I'm not sure I understand the question image
  • i used to put hem through the washing machine but that was when I had cheaper ones. They were generally ok for it but I wouldn't do it with expensive runnign shoes.  
  • I was just told to stuff them with newspaper until they dried out (to stop them shrinking too) and then brush any crap off them after that. Don't think they'll ever be white again but clean runners show that you're not trying hard enough. image
  • If muddy, I'll rinse mine under the tap just to get the mud off the outside, then leave them to dry naturally. And the only reason I do that is to stop dried mud coming off onto the carpet the next time I put them on. Otherwise, I never clean my running shoes!
  • Thanks all!

    Ok, you have made me see the error of my ways. image Mind you, I'm not normally someone who'd clean more than absolutely necessary, but they were just so incredibly dirty... They were still soaking wet when I got home this evening though, so they'd better hurry up drying before I want to run on Thursday morning. I gather I shouldn't put them too close to the radiator either, right?

  • Direct heat's not good, but stuffing with newspaper and putting them under a rad or in other warm place will be ok.
  • I do pretty much all trail running so get VERY muddy on most runs.
    I just hose (got a pressure attachment) mine off after every run - they are still looking pretty new AND they are mostly bright yellow!

    I find protective sprays are worth using too - help the dirt fall off more quickly and protects the shoes too.

  • i wash them warm water with a little soap

    and i protecet them from direct sunlight or a heater

    they were dried  shadow place

  • I bash the mud off and leave them to dry. I rather like that worn look image
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