Lower back

Hi ,

I have only just started running, i have got the right shoes, but after about 10 mins of running my lower

back gets really sore and feels like its going to cramp up, but when i stop and walk for a minute or so

it goes away.I normally start running again but the same happens again.I keep thinking that i should

persevere but am worried i might do some damage.I am about 6ft tall weigh about 15 stone , i have started

running to help me lose some weight.has any one got any ideas.

Thank you

Matt v


  • Hi

    i have a similar problem, i have recently started to run, and i also get an ache/pain in my lower back (on the right side) when im running. Im 20 stone, i think this could be a reason, so i guess i'll have to endure it untill i lose weight, or could it be the way that im running, twisting my back or something?


  • Hi

    I am about the same size as you and had similar some time ago. I actually started doing Yoga where some moves focussed on the lower back.  I am more of an old rocker than an hippy but was really surprised at the results after about a month.

  • Good morning.

    I know it seems to be the buzz word of the moment but maybe you have a weak core?

    If your core is weak, you use other muscles to stabilise your body.  These muscles weren't meant for this purpose and so end up getting tight and causing problems.

    If you go to a gym, ask an instructor to show you some exercises to strengthen your core and generally strengthen your muscles (exercises using several muscle groups at once are best eg squats and lunges) and get him/her to ensure you are doing them correctly.  Also pilates classes are good for working the core and helping stretch tight muscles - I know I always feel taller after a pilates class but I guess that is probably more psychological than physiological.

    It is best to combine running with strength training and flexibility work eg  yoga as Hoose suggested.  All elements need to be worked on to keep you running injury-free.

    Also doing other aerobic type exercise as well as the running will help - swimming, cycling, using the elliptical trainer in the gym - as these have less or no impact on your joints.

    Good luck with it.

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