Nocturnal Sewing


Just wondering who else likes to prowl here after hours. I really should be outlining chapter 7 of my thesis - the one about women in Bede's Historia Ecclesiastica - but I'm running out of steam. I'm very glad that I'm moving soon - into a former convent where there's more than just your room. Not having any common space in this house gets weird sometimes. Thank god for my ethernet connection!!

Anyway, I didn't go for a run today - it was just too wet, especially as I got soaked at lunch time. Perhaps I'll get up for an early morning run tomorrow? I think my body would protest too much though - I'm not a morning person.

Now, where can I find some work inspiration?



  • I'm a regular after hours prowler who can regularly be found here after 10pm. The downside to this is that as it takes me hours to go catch up on all the news, views and gossip, I am often still here at 1am:(
    I've tried being more selective about what I read but it doesn't seem to work.
  • 1am? That's way past my bedtime! Well, instead of working, I cleaned and hoovered my room - no ironing yet, although I just discovered that there is a 'house' iron so who knows. I think it's time to turn off the computer and read my Hermann Hesse book.

    Good night,
  • After a busy day finishing a dull feature, a row with a very annoying person, and settling into new childcare routine, I was all set to run a great speed session to get it out of my system and clear the cobwebs. The rain wasn't v appealing, but I thought I'll make myself do it. Then my daughter woke up needing a nappy change (big time!), no nappies, so off to the shop, and so on. It got to 9pm, she was still awake, I was hungry, so I told myself I'll get up early. Thought I'll use the time to tidy my office, but phoned a friend instead. Oh well - tomorrow's run will be better!
  • Is this thread a stitch-up?
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