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Hello all

There is an ultra coming up at the end of March next year in Connemara, Ireland. It looks as if I might give this a go and I am looking for some training advice from you ultra experts.

I have run 2 marathons since October last year and have another 2 planned for th end of this year, Loch Ness and Dublin. My pb so far is 3.29, at Connemara March 2003.

Is it just a case of extending the long run? Can I set a target time or just hope to finish?



  • Can't help, but good luck you're a brave man!
  • Hiya, my first ultra was the 2 Oceans which I did less than 2 years after my first marathon and 6 months after my second. As you say, all I'd done before it training wise was normal (normal? Hah!) marathon training with just one run over marathon distance. A lot of ultra runners don't train more than 20-24 miles as the long run but you'll find we do more marathons than most people would be comfortable with.
    What distance is the race you're thinking of? The 2 Oceans was 35 miles with hills and at the time my marathon pb was 3:58, sounds like you'll be fine.
    Its worth looking at the Road Runners Club website, there is advice on the London to Brighton page about training.
  • Hello Sarcs. I'm female Sarcs! I did London, Dublin, and Connemara, where I finished exact same time as Sarcs in 3:29. I'm also signed up for this Ultra...Now, Timothy, I think I might have to get another Marathon in this year...Lake Wotchamacallit - here I come
  • Timothy

    if youre really slow, can you still do lots of marathons, or will i die
  • hippo-I think you're being missed on training!!
  • Nope
  • Hiya Benzy hippo, the best thing about ultras is that you can plod. The most frightening thing is the speed the guys at the front run them at!
    Only you can answer your question really-how do you feel after a marathon? How quick do you think your recovery is? Its quite likely that you've done yourself less muscle damage (my grammar is truly awful) than someone running faster. Then again you're on your feet longer so it may be swings and roundabouts (which may be more fun). I know I do a lot of miles but mostly at a comfortable pace.
    Don't tell anyone but I did 2 ultras in March

    No one's said which ultra sarcy meant, the training really depends on the distance there's such a broad range in ultras.
    Ok Snicks, see you at lake thingy.
  • One question: will doing an ultra slow me down at Marathons?
  • It depends how often you do them, there were a few of the GB ultra team at the London marathon running in the 2:30 to 2:40 range.
    Paula found marathon running made her faster at 10000m, so as long as you do the speed work once you're used to higher mileage.
    Have a look at William Sichel's website for training info:
  • Thanks TR, the Connemara Ultra - for which Snicks might be starting a thread soon - is 40 miles "or thereabouts" to quote the organiser. It is hilly, or at least the marathon was, but should be good.

    You going to do this one too? I'm not so sure about how the dancing will be after this one though, I might have to sit that out.
  • Ah, you'd be surprised....the party after the 2 Bridges was a laugh (35 hilly miles that one)
    Normal marathon training for a 40 miles, maybe a slightly longer run in midweek but just being used to running marathons is the main thing.
    Hills-so hill training and downhill as well, running downhill on tired legs really hurts.
  • Running uphill hurts too.

    And on the flat.

    And walking.

    Standing still.

    Lying down is ok so long as you don't have to move.
  • he he!
    Thanks TR, I'll get a bit serious, in a week or two.
    Sarcs - looks like this is happening!
  • Best of luck Snicks, you're crazy!!
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