The A20 Pathway 17.3



  •  I really enjoyed this run, taxing at times, nice undulating( I call it a hill) lol. but really enjoyable, a good practise for the london.  does anyone know when the results will be published. 1.59.40( own watch) . I broke the 2 hrs( can anyone who is a seasoned runner at the london ) tell me the time and how they do at the london.


  • Phil,

     Were you the chap that went off first? 1:59:40 - take my hat off to you Sir.!

     I was aiming for 2:35 and did 2:32:23 so I am (very) happy).

     My really ache now though...

     Results should be in later today but they had a screen in the back of the van showing chip times.

     Well done everyone.


  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    God that was a hard race, thou I am very pleased with my slow time of 3.14.13. I did run very, very slow up that big hill.

    Jamil - I hope you finished ok. That was a tough race, FLM should be a walk in the park after today.

    Big thank you to the race organisers and the mashalls. You were all brilliant.  

  • Well done Tracey, that ws a tough one for sure.

    Agree, the race was very well organised. Cadets did particulary well. Would have liked a few more mile markers but that is just being picky. Really enjoyed it.

    Is anyone doing the Paddock Wood half? It's flat!


  • 2 hours 39 minutes for me.

    Very pleased but my legs aren't at their best at the moment. Thanks to the Air Cadets for a great job.

    The hill was as daunting as expected but we didn't walk. Had a Garmin so the lack of mile markers wasn't a big issue for me but a few other people commented at the end.

  • 2:39 for me also. Which I'm very pleased about because my last 19 mile training run took 3.20 (along nearly the same rout). Just shows what a few other runners around can do for your motivation. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    Kevin - I think the race description of flat/undulating is a bit wrong.
  • HI ALL- I SURVIVEDimage...just!! got smacked down with CRAMPSimage at 15 mile mark so really struggled the last 2 mles, but completed in 2hr 30ish waiting for official times.

    TRACEY- Thanks again without yor support I would have struggled EVEN more!!!

    DEFO VERY Undulating & HILLY !

    NEXT Target is Oakley 20 in Bedford ( again undulating image) 5th March!!!!!

    Atleast on 11th I am going SPAIN for 5 days may do last minute runs there image.. dought it!!image

  • tracey ps congrates on your prize!!
  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    Jamil - I think you mean 3hr 30 mins. If you email me I will send you photos that my husband took of you and your friend.

    That also goes for anyone that some my husband taking photos at the top of the Hubbards Hill and on the A20 by the bus shelter.

  • tracy,

    were can I find the results.

    a great run

    see you next year

    thanks to all the admin and support staff.

  • Agreed-for a first effort that was an exceptionally well organised race.

    Interim results were available on a screen at the finish as the runners were still coming in-first time I've seen that done.They were also pinned to the wall of the race HQ very shortly afterwards and I'm sure they'll be on the website very soon.

    The air cadets were superb.As well as all the water stations en route,they were coming round and topping up our water cups at the finish-and also handing out free jaffa cakes !

    I think I was one of the last to set off,at about 25 past 9,and agree that it was tough.I was pleased with 2.13 and hope this race becomes an annual event.

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    Phillip - The time I have put on here is my Garmin time.

    Those jaffa cakes were a nice touch.  I hope this race is back again next year as it is perfect for FLM training.

  • A20 Pathway Run Results Are In...

    The results for the A20 pathway run are in.. well online, I am uploading the photos as I write this  so they should be online shortly.  They are courtesy of one our friends who came down to see us and we roped in to taking the pictures.

    Sorry for the delay, we had issues collecting some new timing equipment from heathrow and I have been home the grand sum of 30 minutesimage

    Results are in the usual section and the photos are in the gallery.  Don't forget to tag your photo with its race number.

    I just noticed I uploaded the photos in landscape mode so if you hang of five minutes they should be fixed


  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    stuart - Thank you so much for a great race image
  • great thank you Stuart.image
  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    How is everyone this morning.

    Thank you to the lady trunner that pick me up on the A20 and gave me a lift to the start.

  • Hi All- yep I mean 3HOURS & 30Min & it was actually 3 Hours 30min & 34sec.

    Tracey-my email address is

    Your husband was BRILL give him a THANKYOU  from me.


    Has anyone ever done the Bedford Oakley 20? I am  running that next....May be. Is it as undualting as this?

  • Thanks to the organisers for a very enjoyable race and specific mention to all the race marshals who stayed out as well as those marshalling the drinks tables. I hope it runs again next year.
  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    FLM reject - how did your race go?
  • A good event, but I started a few minutes behind the main pack and it was painful going overtaking  the IPOD listeners and joggers running 2 or 3 abreast along a narrow path. So, the organisers might like to tell the faster runners to start first next time. However, my fault this time- I should have known better.

    The water stations were very good, but the one at about half way after a 90 degree right was too soon after the turn to be of any use  at pace, so more got spilt than drunk.

    The marshalling was indifferent. During the last 5 miles, one marshal was chatting on his phone when he should have been protecting the junction from emerging tractors.  Another lady was chatting to a group and I had negotiate my own way across a wide junction with cars everywhere. However, there was one marshal lady doing a brill job near the petrol station. These marshals were not runners and din't understand what was expected of them.

    Due to the nature of the event as a time trial, we had to wait forever for the last runner to come in before the prize giving and I still didn't win a sausage and didn't deserve one.

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    MK Half .(8th March)

    Silverstone Half. (15th March)

    A20 Pathway 17.3mile.(22nd March)

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    Bedford Oakley 20Mile (5th April)

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