How forward are you?

Some people just seem to have the ability to say what they want and what they don't want and aren't easily persuaded.

I often find it really hard to say what I'd like and can often be swayed to change my mind. Its very frustrating.

Which one are you?


  • I hate forward people.

    But whilst I have a face AL, you'll always have somewhere to sit.

  • I love your sweet talk Coops, it fills me with such warmth.
  • I can fill you with warmth anytime you like.

    Haha, I'll stop now image

  • What type of warmth are you talking about Coops?imageimage
  • Fell off chair laughing! image

  • I am but a wallflower.
  • more wall than flower though......... image
  • More leek than flower.
  • Oooh scuse me !!!!    who let the gruesome threesome in  !!
  • Yes, there's a difference between being open minded and allowing yourself to be swayed by someone elses opinion - which can be a good thing.

    But not so good just to find yourself agreeing with someone or doing what they want, against your own firm opinion or wishes, simply because they are more forcefull or you feel you should.

    I like to think I'm the open minded sort - happy to consider all options then make up my mind.

    But if I really want to do something my way, I sulk if I can't!image

  • I generally do Yifter, but sometimes one has to compromise.....

    Really, it's a long time since I've had a good sulk - back when I was a teenager I think!

  • I'm really decisive and have a straight forward clear ideas,

    well i think i do erm sometimes erm do you think i have not sure really? what do you think?

  • If I have something to say, I'll say it. I've never considered myself "shy", but at the same time I don't like it if people try to inflict their opinions by sheer force!
  • when I was nine, someone said 'you're not backward at coming forward, are you, little one?'

    It bothered and confused me until I was 22, when someone else said it, and I demanded: 'what do you mean?'

    And they told me. And I said: 'Aaaaahhhhhh!'

    In a knowing sort of way.

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