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Hi I'm nearly 17 and am looking for a really good sports bra. This has been partly the reason why I haven't been running that much recently, just a little bit of movement annoys me, its feels nasty and uncomfortable, especially as I'm a 34F. (Also I hate running along the road past cars if I feel my breastage is moving at all) I've tried a level four shock absorber, a pure lime, and an anita bra, but I keep just ending up having to wear two M&S ones together, which is well annoying, and not very good. I read a bit about the enell bra though, is it as good as it reads?? It looks good, but kind of like an armour, is it comfy? What are the best sports bras for girls with annoying big busts? Please help! Thank yoooou  image  




  • Katface - Nothing moves in a enell bra. I did have one, but put on weight and I gave it away but it did rub me. The only bra that has not rubbed me is my Shock Absorber B109. Bodyglide is the answer to stop things rubbing.
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    Enell, definately, it would hold a herd of elephants down. It looks hideous, but who cares?
  • Are you sure you're wearing the right size bra? My feeling is that if the back size is too big it's likely to rub, and your norks will bounce. Have you tried going to Bravissimo for a proper fitting?
  • i would go to lessbounce and ask advice from them - it's much better than the RW advice

    and also search on here - there are tons of threads on this cos it is a common "problem"

  • Also I think you really have to try a new sports bra on before buying- I find the sizing is usually totally wrong for me. I'm a 36B but my sports bra is meant for 32C-E... Anyway hope you find one!
  • Hi Katface,

    I have recently bought a black Enell bra and as most others have commented, it would hold a heard of elephants in place. Yes, I agree it's not the most attractive piece of kit, but being a 32DD I don't care, and no-one sees under a top anyway!!

    It does feel slightly constrictive around back and under the bust but it is by far the best bra I have tried for keeping those bouncers under control, and being so snug, it doesn't rub in the slightest. Also, the material is excellent at keeping you dry.

    I got mine from Booby Doo as Less Bounce didn't have any in stock and couldn't guarantee when I would receive one. Booby Doo delivered the next day!

    They are expensive, but worth every penny. As SophieM said, go for a proper fitting first so you are clear in your own mind when you do decide to purchase. The sizing for the Enell states from 30 - 34 C - F and odd things, but there is a guide available on some websites.

     Good luck and happy running!

  • It is always best to try a sports bra on first. I am a 32-34DD and I am a 34E in Shock Absorbor bras.
  • I have the Enell bra and can recommend it (I'm 34E and have size 2!).

    Make sure it's tight enough though. I have 2 in the same size but they fit slightly differently so one of them is only suitable for low impact work, not running.

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    Yifty, I like to lurk on bra threads as much as any other bloke but given the OP's age maybe this isn't one for the banter, hmmm?
  • Hi yes I have same problem - I wear normal bra (underwired) and shock absorber of the tri sports bra and then wear an t-shirt with hidden support.  It does work - but not very comfy.

    All the best karen

  • I have been wearing the Freya Active 30f but am now finding that it rubbing my back.  Does anyone of there is a bra out there with a gel strap?
  • This is great!  I thought I was the only one with this problem... image My recommendation is to wear 2 at the same time, a shock absorber and then a Jockey Sport... then a skin t-shirt and then a running shirt.  Alternatively have a reduction - ouch!!!

  • I bought a sports bra from Asda for about £5. Its seems okay but I havent tried any of the more expensive ones out there. If its a case of you get what you pay for then I am happy to spend more but its hard to know if its needed or not. ?
  • just got back from an unsuccessful trip to buy a sports bra. I tried the Enell, and it is too loose around my upper back and upper chest. I think the smaller size would probably be too small around the ribcage. I've also tried Royce impact free, and the shock absorber, but neither were good enough. am I expecting too much from a sports bra, as I'm a 32FF? I'm thinking of either trying to stitch the enell to see if that helps (though I'm loth to do that on such an expensive bra), or try the double-up method.

  • I love the Asda sports bras. They don't go up much past a 42D though I think.
  • I have used shock absorbers B109 (level 4) for about 4 years, never rubbed or hurt, I was a 34F but lost weight due to all the running so now 34E. Still use B109. Get properly fitted though, I went to Debanams

  • I've found that Debenhams are the only store that seems to have level 4s in stock, the rest have to order it for you.

    LAJ  you should have tried the smaller size enell to see whether it would go over your rib cage. The sizing of them is wierd.

  • thanks NeverMind, I guess I'll have to try the next size down (I tried 2 other sizes). weird though as I'm in no way slim! must just have a small frame underneath all the fat.....
  • House of fraser have the full range of shock absorbers I got a B109 only last week £26
  • i will try asda for a sports bra as i have only got support bras
  • I had the Asda one not a patch on the shock absorber
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