Travel from York

I know that some clubs / local bus companies organise special "London Marathon" trips.

I'm looking to come down for the FLM09 weekend and would ideally like to come in company.

Does anyone know of organised transport, or is driving down with spare space?


  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Hi EPS, I think Pocklington have some sort of organised trip every year - might be worth asking them.

    Our bunch go on the train, we usually make a weekend of it & travel on Friday, return Monday. If you book the tickets 10 weeks before the travel date you can normally get a return to London for less than £30. After that it's down to how much you spend on hotels, carbs and celebrating!
  • Thanks Wardi.

    I was looking on the Trainline for cheap tickets (they start to publish them 3 mths out), but nothing has appeared thus far.

    Whilst I'd love to do the extended weekend thing, finances and family won't allow. I am hoping to spend a wee while in Chandos this year though, before the departure.
  • I'll be surprised if train companies are offering cheap tickets that weekend. 

    They stick the prices up, if anything.  I found this out a few years ago when planning a trip for the GNR.  The fare prices shot up for that particular weekend.

    National Express may well be cheaper, but it's a long old trip,

  • Dont think rail companies do increase fares for that weekend - its the same as any other whenever i do it. If you try a few different routes sometimes you can find a slightly cheaper one though.
  • XPS - why not hitch hike.

    That way it will save you money, you will have someone to chat to, and it could make for a unique journey!!!!!!!

    MIght be quite exciting too - will i make it, wont i?!

  • Nick L

    Hitch hiking is intriguing. It'd be the "can I get to Excel before the Expo closes" dilemma.

    Last year I got the National Express coach down to London, but that took absolutely ages, and was rather sore on tired hamstrings for the return journey.

    2007 I drove and don't really want to do that again. 6 hrs door to door, due to traffic, roadworks etc.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Ex-Pat - I travel down on the train each year.  They usually release their tickets 12 weeks before on a Thursday.  My advice is phone on the morning they are released and you should get a good deal.  We usually get return tickets for about £20-£25 (from further North than you). 

  • EPS, we travel from the North East (Darlington/Northallerton) via York and have always booked trains with National Express East Coast website (used to be GNER until the franchise changed).  If you book early enough, then there are good deals to be had, like Wardi said.  I think they go on sale for marathon weekend next Thursday. 

    We also tend to travel down Friday and register to avoid the Expo chaos on the Saturday and then back Sunday night or Monday morning.  We stay in Russell Square, but the Travelodge website usually has some cheaper options if you book early enough.

    I think most clubs travel this way, unless there are loads of runners entered from a large club, then they make take their own transport.  Knavesmire Harriers may be a good club to try, as I know they also marshall at FLM, so make take extra people, if you're looking for company.

    Good Luck!!

  • I just do Excel in the morning, and its never that busy.
  • I think the message is clear: I need to wait until next Thursday before the "cheap seats" become available.

    Thanks to all for the feedback
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