garmin training plans from runners world - mac compatability

Anyone managed to import these on the Garmin training centre on a mac?  Mine doesn't seem to recognise it.  Thx


  • Not really. I had to import using a Windows copy (using VMWare Fusion), then export in the mac compatible format. Even now for some reason it doesn't seem to transfer Sunday runs to the garmin.
  • Dear all

    Can anybody update this now that we're in July 2009 to see whether this has been resolved?



  • The 6M Slow is set up incorrectly.  When downloaded it's set to 8.05KM, not the 9.66KM it should be.
  • hi there can anyone help please

    download and import schedules into garmin training software but once imported does not correspond in any way to the original schedule - completely different appearance and days ?

  • Hello just had a look at using this all downloads fine but the schedule is not the same and importantly the pace is wrong for the workouts, is this going to be updated to reflect the correct pace for events??
  • I have just completed the Llanelli Star Great Welsh Marathon using this plan. I just came back to look at it and was amazed. My completion time was 3:44:07, my recent half marathon PB was 1:44:40 and 10k was 66:31. That's as close to near perfectly in line with the promise as possible and I wasn't aware of it. Well Garmin, despite a few niggles in the plan as indicated above I can confirm that if like me, you follow this plan and you start off ready for it it is 100% achievable.

    Right, where are the ultra marathon plans?????

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