Two Oceans Ultra Marathon

I've just returned from Cape Town having ran the Two Oceans Marathon. What a fantastic race! Superb organisation and fantastic comeraderie and scenery.
Something that really impressed though, was the use of sachets of water at every drinks station. Does anyone know if they're used in any races in the UK, or are we yet to catch on to this excellent development? They're far easier to drink out of than plastic cups, and you don't break an ankle if you step on the discarded ones like you do with bottles! Is anyone organising an event where these are to be used?


  • Sounds FAB!!..she says,never even having run a marathon yet!What is the distance for this race? How much preparation did you do? Did you go with a tour company?
    Glad that you have a great time!!
    What's next for you?..
  • Well done, 2 Oceans was my first ultra. Its a great race isn't it.
    Will we see you at any ultras in the UK soon?
    50k Sutton Park 18th May?
    They were using plastic cups when I did it. Water or Coke every km and food at the finish.
    Well done again
  • It's a fab race in a fab country I loved every minute of it. I agree the water and powerade bags were a great idea. I would love to do Comrades- alas I am poor!
  • I last did the full Two Oceans in 1987 when the course took in Chapman's Peak. Despite the severity of the climb, the magnificence of the views and the exhileration (sp?)of getting to the top are second to none.

    Unfotunately, due to land slips and lack of funds, I understand that Chapman's is no longer en route.

    I would certainly like to run again but only when CP is re-opened. Does anyone have an update?


  • In the report of this years race I read a comment that next year it would be going up Chapman's Peak
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