Where to run in Northampton?

Help! I'm off to visit relatives in Northampton this weekend... and as I'm in training for FLM I need to do my 12 mile run. I don't know the area at all - are there any large parks in the city where people tend to train? I don't fancy running round the block 20 times...!



  • ...im not from there, but if I go somewhre ive not been before, I go onto www.streetmap.co.uk and look at the area at 1:50000 scale and figure out some routes on that....it will show parks etc as well as footpaths, roads and can be very easy to make up a route.
  • Great - thank you... I've done just that and there seems to be a park within about a mile of where I'm staying. Perfect.

  • Pitsford reservoir isn't too far away


    I think a lap is about 4 miles ish.
  • Abingdon Park is lovely, and central- fairly large, although you would have to do a fair few laps to get in 12m!
  • I live in Northampton, about 200 yards from Abington Park.  It is only 1.6 miles though per lap.

    Pitsford Reservoir is EASILY the best run in Npton though. A lap is 6.8 miles.

  • Where exactly are your relatives, and I'll tell you where is close?
  • I've checked it out on the map and they're roughly 4 miles from the reservoir... So I might just drive up there and do a couple of laps... In terms of location they seem to be in between Abingdon Park and Kingsthorpe Park - so it looks as though I have plenty of choice.

     Thanks for your help people x

  • I live near Northampton and would also reccommend the reservoir.  It will be a much more pleasant run and a lot more straightforward than trying to work out a road route.  If you go to  http://www.waterscape.com/canals-and-rivers/pitsford-reservoir/map  and zoom in you can see the route, which is popular with walkers, cyclist and runners.  You can park in the Brixworth Country park ( there's a cafe there too, maybe your relatives would also like a morning or afternoon out ), and start or finish by going over the causeway. Or there are other car parks marked on the map.

    Enjoy your run !

  • Thanks - I'm really looking forward to getting out there now...! However, I've failed to factor the weather into all this... How's the snow looking in Northampton at the mo? I'm about to brave the Londons streets for my first run since the snow, but I think you may have had more up there, with more to come...
  • The snow has all but gone.  It's a bright day, with isobars coming in from a south westerly direction, and it's 8 degrees.  (I made that bit up, but there is no snow so you'll be alright).

  • By the way, Pitsford Ressy is a Northampton "dogging hotspot" so remember to bring your torch if going at night.

    Erm.....my mate told me this.

  • Erm... thanks! I'll be sure to run in the daylight hours then...!
  • It's OK.  I was told at school that humans thrive on information, therefore I felt best to let you know so you could make an informed choice.

    See you at 9pm on Saturday!  LOL image

  • The snow in Wellingborough (so assuming same as Northampton) is about 6 or 7 inches deep today!
  • Oh no! Although I can't say I'm surprised... Looks like someone is going to have to run her 12 miles before work tomorrow, in a cold and miserable (and wet NOT snowy) London... image

  • Cold, wet and miserable? Its grim down south. Give me snowy any day.
  • Yes Amelia, Northampton is not good today!
  • Ah well, at least I'll get a whole weekend off... Not sure I fancy my chances running in snow... Or am I just being a soft Southerner..?!
  • You won't be able to run in it. As football will also be off, I shall be frequenting a rather large amount of public houses instead. Bravo!
  • I went out for 11 miles this morning at 630.....it was fine. Roads are quieter, snow is fairly grippy. However if you are at a loose end in Northampton, I am sure Coops will show you sights......and he is in no way a sex pest! image
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