Sky TV Advice

OK, assuming that someone has this set up, and I can't be arsed to register on to ask on there. 

If I upgrade from my current sky+ box to sky hd+ multiroom to get the new box downstairs, and then the old sky+ moved upstairs, will I still be able to record onto the upstairs (normal def) sky+, or will I just be able to record on the new sky hd+ box downstairs? 



  • I have not got sky or sky plus but these things are basically pvr's I gather so you should be able to record in both locations.
  • If you keep the old sky plus box then you can record on it.
  • Cheers.  Alex, the problem is that you need a £10 subscription to use the sky+ bit, so it's part 'protected'.  Just wanted to make sure that they didn't limit the subscription to the one box.
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