Boys and Girls Alone

What are your thoughts?



  • Yes, watching it with my 14 year old. He's loving it. I'm sitting here thinking I've maybe not done such a bad job of raising my 2 so far after least they know how to use a kettle (mainly cos I insist on them making me tea at regular intervals image)
  • I just caught the last few minutes, I'm going to watch it on 4+1 now. From what I saw it looks awful, lots of shots of heartbroken kids....image
  • I think it's highlighting the cotton wool-ness of most of the kids....

    Is it right for the parents to put them in there though? I'm not sue I agree with it....

    Blimey, girls are bitchy!
  • The girls are horrid, truly nasty when one of them told a younger one she couldn't have any supper because the recipe only served 6.

    Loved the little madam at the end who said if you didn't have money there was no point in living image

  • I feel sorry for the boy how left

    He will spend the rest of his life being called MUMMIES BOY!!!

  • I've just watched the first bit of it. So far I think it's funny. it's evident that a lot of the kids take day to day things such as cooking for granted. It goes to show how we mollycoddle our offspring. I can't think of any other species on this planet that looks after their young to the extent that we humans do, as soon as they can walk and talk they should be preparing their own meals, sweeping chimneys  and generally earning their keep! image
  • I think my benign neglect skills would do well in such camps and am glad that  my kids would rise above the kids on prog.  That said I did cry.
  • my 12yo loved it
    then he asked me how i thought he would get on and what about his brothers

    and would i have let any of them go on the programme anyway (no)

    so it generated an interesting discussion

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