Timex Ironman 50-lap watch

FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

Looking for some help...I have a Timex Ironman 50-lap watch, and I can't get it to beep! So there is no sound with the alarm or other features like the interval timer (which I use quite a lot when I am training).

It used to work, but have had a new battery recently, so maybe connected with that? I can't find any reference to this anywhere in the instructions. So, before I decide it is broken I wondered if anyone else had had this problem and if so, how to fix it?


  • Yes Freemers i have exactly the same watch and problem,and yes i have just had a new battery fitted.It doesn t bother me to much as long as the GPS still works,if you get in touch with Timex UK i am sure they will be able to assist
  • you can turn the beep on or off in the watch settings - haven't got mine to hand so can't remember precisely how to do it though!!!
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