What's down your trousers?


It's the 'undeclared aubergine' that tickled me.  And gawd isn't he hairy?


  • A micro wave , cuddly toy , chocolate teddy bear , football , set of plates.............
  • Aussies call tight pants "budgie smugglers".......maybe he was just deluded as to what the budgie referred to and decided to try pigeons.....

  • Maybe they are racing pigeons, he entered them in the Dubia to Melbourne classic and got a good price on the betting so has to make sure they win image
  • I was once on a plane from Santiago (Chile) to Madrid, and at customs in Madrid they found that a guy had a rucksack full of live crabs! They emptied them all into a bucket but dropped some and they were running all over the floor! Bet he's glad he didn't put those down his trousers...
  • I don't know.... Anyone else reminded of the cute chick in Brass Eye?  (I think I have the name right now...)
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