Beachy Head Marathon 2009

The Beachy Head online entry is UP!  Someone tell Hipps!!

I'm IN - see you at the bottom of the big hill!  image


  • Whooop whooop, sign me up!!!! image
  • 'Boing' for Hipps.  image
  • Im soooo tempted to enter. 

    Only run half-marathons before,  I must be mad to think of entering this as my first!   Watched some footage on YouTube last night.  Looks great in the sunshine.  Could be a nightmare in bad weather though.

    I would be classified as a jogger, as I would never make under 5 hours.  Think Ive read on a thread somewhere that if you come in over 6hrs you dont get an official time.  Im assuming though you would still get a  medal, as there would be some walkers even behind meimage.

  • I have entered this evening.

  • Evening.

    Where's the blumin entry form?  Kazz mailed me today to say it was open and I've been going round and round the Visit Eastbourne site in circles.


  • forget the eastbourne site... its still showing 2008, you can enter online on RW site, check events.
  • hopetofinish I did Beachy as my first marathon last year - it was great and a good one as a first one because there will always be walkers behind youimage Go on you know you want to ...
  • Hi B, thanks for the words of encouragement.  Im In!

  • hurrahimage make sure you do some of your training on hills - there are a few little ones in the raceimage
  • RS - you can only enter online if you subscribe to the magazine.
  • *pouts*

    Thanks RS and Tracey.

    *waits for Visit Eastbourne site to catch up*

  • Oh well .... not as smart as I thought I was image sorry mouse:-0 Big wave to Tracey G........ see you over on fetch image
  • Anyone that has done this race before will get a post entry form.

  • Im in, I don't subscribe anymore but used RW online entry no problem.
  • Im confuddled, isnt there another beachy thread


  • This is the new real one Hipps, where you been hiding? Has someone upset you ?


  • Nicko have boinged the Henfield thread it's called "who's doing this then"
  • Ahhhhhhhhhh ta x
  • Gone to the other Beachy thread......................seems more popular
  • Is there anyone out there with a place in the Beachy Head Marathon that they are unable to use or do you know anyone who has entered and will not now be able to take part?
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