gadget advice for a newbie please

Hi Folks - I've been lurking for a while but have just signed up for Hereford Tri and need to start a bit of training. My question regards the infamous garmin's. I have borrowed my friends and was looking to buy 1 of my own from ebay, but on reading the descriptions it seems they are more suited to running than cycling- WHY? Surely if it's on my wrist it will still record my distance and pace?

Many thanks Camlo


  • yeh - they work on a bike but so does a bike computer which will be much cheaper and probably more accurate for distance/speed/av speed/cadence etc...........

    save your money
  • But won't I need a 'garmin' type gadget to monitor my running too? Can only afford 1 gadget- any suggestions (and is the HR monitor bit essential? I'm only a tortoise and having just had a baby I'm a slow tortoise).

  • That was what I was going to say!

    I have a Garmin, with HRM, but I tend to ignore the HR bit (especially if I don't like what it's telling me!)

    If you're flush, the 405 is the latest one (about £200), or there are the cheaper (but bigger and clunkier) 205 and 305.

    Amazon and BHIP have the best prices for any of the above.

  • the 305 has a multisport option. it will record your biking and running differently (pace v speed, diff calories etc). plus you can also set it to time transitions during your tri.
  • Thanks for your help- over to amazon it is!!!!

    Now I just need to buy a bit of enthusiasm and energy.  image

  • stick with the 305 if you are going to do long distance stuff.  There are various reports saying the 405 has a limited battery life.  I love my 305. image
  • Long distance ????? No way- my swimming is rubbish so the sprint distances in the pool are more than enough for me!
  • I look forward to seeing PSCs 305 last an Ironman with baited breath!
  • 405 has an additional bike accessory that will allow you to use it on the bike. the watch unit also has a 'biking' option.  you can't use it for swimming though.

  • The bike speed/cadence unit (GSC-10) works with all of the Garmin Forerunners.  I use mine with a Forerunner 50....... which you can use for swimming.
  • Hereford is a fab event.  Especially the shock swim LOL
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