Flight cancelled

Gutted, flight to Barcelona cancelled, no flights tomorrow, no race on Sunday ...  boo image


  • Snow is no longer my friend ...
  • what a pain PPimage

  • I sympathise! I'm meant to be in Aberdeen, getting a good night's sleep before the university cross-country champs tomorrow- but they cancelled it cos of the snow. There goes my only chance ever to stand on a starting line with a world champion and an olympian!

    Never mind PP, there will be other races. Do something fun with your weekend to cheer yourself up- maybe something you haven't had time for cos of training?

  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭
    Gutted for you both.
  • Good advice Harri, we've actually booked a spa for tomorrow to make ourselves feel better.  Been looking for a race to do on Sunday but there's not much around.  Was up for the Dursley Dozen but no entries on the day. 

     Failing that, it'd better snow like there's no tomorrow and we can spend the day sledging image

  • Where are you Pingu?

    Theres a small off roader in West Sussex just off the A23, the Henfield 9. Organised by Henfield joggers.

    B and myself are doing it. Must text her for start time actually heheheheh

  • S Wales so it'd be a bit of a trek!  Especially as we drove to Luton yesterday .. and then drove back!
  • image erm .. might be a little late for that lol!

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