Wright Hassall Leamington Regency 10K



  • Lovely weather this year, and loads of support. This is a really great event, and My feeling is that the course is much better this way round. It caused a lot of problems and bottlenecks up "cardiac hill"

    I enjoyed myself, and would like to say thanksto all the marshalls who did an excellent job. Very well organised and will definately be back next year. No complaints at all.

  • This was my second race and I thought the organisation was excellent.  Marshalls were superb, crowd was very supportive, the scenery was good and as for weather - great conditions  (not that the organisers could arrange that).   Overall, a good atmosphere

    The main thing is that I enjoyed myself and to top it all, I ended up with my best time doing a 10km distance.  I would like to say a big thank you to the chap at 7.5km who tapped me on the shoulder and give me the encouragement to carry on when it felt like I was about to hit the wall! 

  • hey all i did the run, really good fun, deffo up for doing more, finished it in 1hr 8min image
  • Well done to all that ran.... had an absolutely fantastic day (except missing the start of the F1, lol). Weather was great, marshalls we re great, public support was truely fantastic at the midway point coming down newbold terrace back past the start line.

     New PB, though a few secs outside 35mins... if only I'd pushed that bit harder eh? lol.

  • Ditto all the good comments - great day!!!

    Anyone else not in any of the photos???  I've combed them all including the 'general' section but no sign of me!!!!

    My wife is also missing????  Seems strange as i remember loads of photographers around the course.

    I can only hope they havent uploaded them all yet??  Anyone else noticed they're missing?

  • think i got all y pics ive orderd all 11 of mine, yeah was a well ace morning, thinking of doing it again next year just so i can beat my PB somthing to aim for now, thinking of doing other 10k runs was well good nothing bad to say about it, pics also was good
  • It is a great course.  Organisation is good and the support makes a nice change.  A lot of the races I do are country routes where you only get the odd supporter apart from the start and finish.

    Weather was fantastic too, although not as picturesque as the snow last year.

    All good then.... apart from my first ever DNF. image

    My knee was hurting most of the way round.  I managed to ignore it and was on for a pb but just before 7k I was limping and could barely run without a sharp stabbing pain.  Thought it was best not to carry on and possibly put myself out of the rest of the season so stopped.

    I know I did the right thing but still feel gutted about it.image

  • anyone know any other good 10k runs going this year ??
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