help, hay fever has got me in its evil grip

Oh No!
It's that time of year again, went out running yesterday and was wheezing so bad that I nearly stopped. Tissues were next to useless and my eyes and ears itched sooo bad.
So I'm off to the doctor tomorrow to get dosed up and next time I run I should be rattling with all the tablets I'm taking and I will also have the usual tissue up each nostril just so that you can recognise me.
Oh woe is me, All you fellow sufferers out there, I sympathize, and I'm thinking of you all.


  • Try running in the morning or just after its rained, they'll be less pollen in the air.

    You've said before your doing Peterborough R4L so your probably surrounded by oil-seed rape at the moment which won't help.

    Failing that a small amount of vaseline in the end of each nostril (do make sure you can still breath through your nose those) may catch any stray pollen.

    I take telfast and it works for me have a good visit to the doctor.
  • I wear glasses and that does help the eyes a bit. If your not a spectacle wearer try reactolite sunglasses
  • Thanks for the advice,
    I have only started running these last few weeks. Usually at this time of year I hibernate indoors and don't venture out much. But I'm not going to let some little specks of pollen keep me from my running.

    Ice maiden I take Zirtek and Beconase along with a ventolin inhaler for when it's really bad.
    Someone told me that it's a big help if you inhale (gently) some boiled and cooled down salted water through your nostrils, I must admit that I did try it last year and decided that probably it was best to just stay indoors away from all the nasty outdoors, it stung a bit and made me choke, but I will try again this year if it helps then it can't be too bad can it?
  • If Zirtek doesn't work for you try Claritin (Spelling?). Zirtek contains cetirizine hydrochloride, and claritin contains loratadine. THey're both antihistamines but they work differently for different people. I find that the cetirizine hydrochloride ones work best for me, whereas my husband needs loratadine. Which means that at this time if year we have hoards of pills in the cabinet!
  • I can sympathise with you too as a fellow sufferer and I too opted to stay in one year but I felt worse without the feeling that I get from a run. My best advice would be to take it a little easy whilst you find the right medication for you. I find that each year my medication changes. Don't let it put you off as an inhaler is not very big to carry while you run!
  • I dont know what to do either, i recently started running and love it but the hayfever spoils it and it doesnt help sniffing all the time my breathing is affected. What can i do?
  • I've had hayfever since birth, but have found Sainsburys own one a day loratidine (99p for 7 tablets) do the trick without knocking me out like piriton does - good luck
  • best thing for hayfever is locally produced hunny, must be locally produced though take a spoonfull morning and night, and you will notice the difference.
    no more tablets for me
  • ledded is right ya know...

    This is the second year that I have been free from hayfever, and I used to suffer badly from beginning of May through to end of August!

    Throughout Autumn and Winter I just have some on a slice of toast every morning. Then hey hayfever!! It's bliss!!!
  • cheers for that i will try the honey thing! i hope it helps i am desperate.
  • Too late for this summer Donna, but if you take it over this Autumn/Winter you'll be de-sensitized to the pollen by next Spring/Summer :)
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