Latest Issue of RW Mag.

Have all the subscribers received theirs yet? Coz I ain't!!!!


  • Yes, got mine right at the start of the month as usual.
  • Humph!! Mine is usually here on the dot. I guess the postman must have taken up running ;)

    I've rung RW and they're sending me another.

    Ta peeps.
  • I bought mine from w h smiths but took it back thinking it was womans own mag,only joking.
  • Hi FF

    I subscribed during August but my copy didn't arrive until 4 September and the evening before I went and bought a copy believing that my subscription was going to start in October.

    Ho hum
  • Still no sign of the latest editon.

  • At last. It's finally arrived.
  • I purchase my copy from WH Smiths in town - the local papershop doesn't receive it until a week later.
  • humm. What's on the cover? I always get confused because they seem to be dated more than one month ahead anyway. Last one I got was the one with the schedule for cross-country.
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