Toe Nails

Has anybody experienced losing of toe nails lately?

 I have lost two on my right foot 2nd and 3rd toes and third toe on my left foot.  I have changed my socks so they are enabling me to have more movement in my toes and my trainers are not tight.

 The one on the right  foot is particulary painful as had this cut off but it was rubbing on my other toe!image 

Does any one have any ideas?


  • Are you sure your trainers aren't too small???  My running ones are a full size bigger than my regular gym trainers.  Failing that there was an article in RW last month on blisters etc and one of the things featured was a toe protector made by, I dont know how to do a fancy linky thing so here's a bog standard one.

    I am thinking of getting some as I have problems with the 2nd toe on my right foot going all black/bruised looking sometimes and it really hurts.

  • Mine fell off when my trainers were too small, nice call CS.

    If your trsinjers are fine then it can just be 'poor circulation' - nothing to be concerned about or need to 'do anything about' just one of those things. You hear of it alot in Marathons and fell running when the times are higher.

    not great for us ladies who wanna look good but just one of those things with running.

  • I agree with the above, incorrect fitting trainers are normally the reason.

    Although I lost a couple when my laces came undone after a couple of miles into a half marathon and I didn't bother doing them back up.

    As a side point, if they have fallen off and it's close to valentine's day, how about personalising a card to your beloved and making a card out of your old toe nails, maybe in the shape of a heart. image

  • Waaaaah@ toenail valentine's day card.

    As far as I know, what causes toenail loss is your toenails bashing against the front of your trainers when you run. This could be because your shoes are too small, your toenails are too long, or your laces are too loose. If you can eliminate those threee things, then it might just be something to live with.

  • Mine fell off on the little toes of both feet image I think it was the laces being too loose and the shoe rubbing like Sophie suggests.
  • .
  • Marshallini did you have nothing to add there hun??? image

    Jimo - imageimageimageimage To the idea of a toenail valentines... And they say romance is dead...

  • Losing toenails!!  image

    Do they just fall of after a bath, a shower,  while running, after cutting or randomly! 

    Every other day I file them and keep 'em short.  Please tell me i'll not lose my toenails! 
    I need them, my toes would look like little fat sausages without them!

    Maybe we could collect all of the toenails that have fallen off and send them to Blue Peter; they could probably send them somewhere to be recycled or summit.
    It's an idea......

  • Bruce Fordyce used to cut the toes of his trainers open before Comrades - he reckoned that stopped toenail loss. Or maybe it just helped them to escape more easily image
  • Lol! My OH left me his big toe nail on the side of the bath as a gift once image Toe nail jewellery.. like a badge of honour!

    Trouble is once you've lost one it can grow back a bit deformed so maybe consider a trip to the chiropodist for treatment.

    Another tip - dark metallic nail varnish image it's not just for girls...

  • Hey sorry MS but yes you just may lose a toe nail or two ! you'll just have to save the nail varnish for next week image
  • Thanks for the advice! Think that perhaps I am a poor circulation type!!

     Will be leaving the lost ones on the side for a rainy day! image

  • In all honesty I did see some 'modern art' in Newcastle made from toe nail cuttings. Due to their shape, they did make nice clouds!

    How short is short or for that matter how long is long? Mine don't look long but ran 20 miles yesterday in my usual trainers & my toes are killing me. It feels like someone is permanantly standing on the ends.

  • I bought some fake toenails from the pound shop to disguise the fact that half my toenails were missing - unfortunately I glued them on in the wrong order and they looked very oddimage
  • Speaking of Experiance and I dunn Grantham Canal that 29.3miles. I notice two of my nails black and blue. Bu you can get protacted nail cover plastic can be found your local pharmacy cheaper then Tesco and Boots.
  • Okay, so the toe nails that werw killling me are now going a nice shade of purple. But the big toe nail still really hurts from a weeks agho. Why? My mum says that I could have a blodd blister underneath the toe nail. Is that possible & what do I do about it? I have a marathon in 2 weeks!
  • Sarah - I also have lovely purple big toenails, but mine are semi-permanent!!  You could try getting some sponge  .... cut it to size (make it a bit longer than your toe) and it protects the toe nail while you run.

    toe sponge

  • Cheers for the link Pavey - can you feel it whilst you are running though? Would it start annoying me by 20 miles?
  • I tend to put plasters on my toes if they really hurt for shorter distance runs (<8miles) or if they only hurt a bit for my LSRs. A bit of a pricey solution but seems to work okay as a temporary measure.

    I'm not sure that larger shoes are necessarily the answer as having a shoe that fits and doesn't allow the foot to move around too freely is quite important as well.

    I find that my gait can have an effect on how my foot shifts in my shoe - trying to control how I run on uneven terrain so that my toes aren't banging against the shoe also helps, but gets harder the more tired I am.

  • Sarah - try them on a shorter run first to make sure they're comfortable for you.  I'm not using them now, but I ran the Bramley 20 in them last month and had no problems at all.

  • Cheers All xx
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