The 53rd Isle of Wight Marathon

SO how comes this is now later in the year...

I'm not complaining of course because it fits in with what I want to do..

But still!


  • How much does the ferry cost and do you need to take your car with you?
  • @Flipperjane

    I recently completed the Ryde 10m Road Race for the first time at the beginning of the month (very cold at the start and Finish otherwise quite an enjoyable race), The Rowing club venue is the same start location as the Marathon, It is a Mile or so walk from the Ryde Ferry Passenger Terminal. The Ryde Ferry departs right next to Portsmouth Harbour Train Station and cost me £8.80 return. If you wish to take your car the Journey may be longer as I am informed the car ferry goes from Portsmouth Harbour To Newport and not Ryde. Therefore I would advise you drive or take the train to Portsmouth Harbour and then get the passenger Ferry which is one of those speedy Catamaran boats. Although I have lived in the South East of England most of my life this was my first but rather brief journey to the Isle Of Wight. Who knows maybe if you do make it to this Marathon then you might just see me there, for a slightly longer tour of the Island

  • If you are there for just the one day then the Hovercraft is a great and cheap way accross.

    If you Have to take the ferry, then I am sure there are cheap day tickets available.

  • I just wonder how hilly is this one? A ot of hills? Many thanks for your help.
  • it's a little bit hilly but nothing extrame I would say..

  • CaptwonderPants wrote (see)

    it's a little bit hilly but nothing extrame I would say..

    Many thanks, et me finish Reading Half this Sunday and if I'm feeling OK I will enter this race. Never been to IOW before but surely its very nice place.
  • Good Luck at Reading..  Have a couple of friends doing it.

    IOW is a great place. 

  • CaptwonderPants, do you live on the IOW? Am going over for a few days at Easter and have entered the 3 hills. Is it VERY hilly and will they mind if i'm last do you think? I know one goes up to Tennyson Down and Golden Hill Fort features. Wonder where the 3rd is..................!

    Beautiful part of the world, me and Mr T would like to live there one day image

  • Sorry not lucky enough to live there..   Not sure where they are.  Tennyson is my favourite part of the island..  you can just stand at the top and see both sides of the island..

  • CaptwonderPants wrote (see)

    Good Luck at Reading..  Have a couple of friends doing it.

    IOW is a great place. 

    Many thank, got result now. I did 2:08:04 if compared with my 1st half last year it was abit better (I did Surrey Badger Half last Sept which is 2:22:22). More training should help me finish IOW marathon image. I will enter this race soon.
  • Flipperjane - If you are just planning to do the marathon then don't bring your car across - The car ferry can be very expensive (although the car ferry operator does sponser the marathon and offers competitors discounts - i think)

     I would get a train to Portsmouth Harbour and then get the FastCat to Ryde (this boat is right by the train so no faffing about is required). When you get across to Ryde, it is a c25 min walk along the seafront to the start line - or an even shorter taxi journey (there are usually taxis waiting by the boat). 

    I'm def doing this race and can't wait!  

  • Thinking of doing this.  Not done a marathon for over 2 years, I am getting withdrawal symptoms!

  • I've entered this race for the first time. I'll be coming over for it from Portsmouth for the day with a few supporters. I was wondering if anyone who had run or spectated this race before had any tips on the best way to watch this race and hopefully see me three or four times as I run round.

     The only options I could see was to watch the being and start and get the train to Shanklin to see me pass through there, or take a car across and drive to different points on the course. Don't really want to encourage more cars onto the road whilst the race is going on though if I can help it.


  •  I did this race last year and it was hot and hilly. I dare say the weather might be different this year but  those hills will still be there. This is a tough marathon which needs to be treated with respect. MY advice would be to start slow and get a feel of the undulations( big hills.)  I can't wait to have another go at them even though I can remember plenty of pain last year. This is a great race so if you if you have the chance to do it this year, i'll see you there.

  • I have signed up for this.

    Does anyone know what the changing/shower facilities are like.


  • If I remember correctly they were quite pretty.
  • im gonna turn up and enter on the day - have run this marathon in 2006 and 2007 and it is a tough race, lots of hills and lots of cars to dodge in the second half of the race. have run in the sunshine and in torrential rain so who knows what we will get this year.

    Its a great race though and very tough which makes finishing all the more rewarding

  • I'm hoping to run this race, I have never done anywhere near 26.2 miles before. I run for over an hour 3 times a week and do a 10k in just under 45 minutes. I'm fairly confident I can finish, but I'm worried about how Hilly it is and also in what time the runners are expected to compete the race. 
  • Well done Nathan for finishing image

    The results are up on the Ryde Harriers website if you haven't already seen them - now that's efficiency by the Ryde guys!

    Thanks to everyone who organised the race today - absolutely first class. The race marshalls, the guys on the drinks stations , the registration desks and everyone who cheered us around the course were brilliant. Yes the course was challenging - just how many hills can you fit into miles 19, 20 and 21!?! - but I'd definitely do it again. And I was 20 minutes quicker than my London run this year and my fourth fastest marathon.

  • agree with Simon,

    thank-you to the fantastic marshalls and helpers (and peoples friends that also clapped me around!)

    Great they had your 'special' drinks ready to hand you as you ran towards the drink station.

    Happy with 28mins faster than last year.

    thank-you Ryde 

  • Yeah, the race marshalls and the helpers were fantastic really encouraging especially the one who had gone to the trouble of handing out some Candbury's Caramel at 21 miles image chocolate has never tasted so good. The people cheering you on were also brilliant. Big thank you to everyone...Except for one driver who shouted "get out of the *beep* road" but there's always one idiot.

     It was the hardest thing I've ever done, I thought i'd never get to the end. I thought I was flying when I saw the 7 mile sign only to have it followed by the 4 mile sign because we had to run a loop. I feel I've been beaten up but I'm so glad I did my first marathon and managed to get round.

  • If you're having them, don't let the 'never again' thoughts get to you either Nathan!! Your time for a first marathon is cracking and something to build upon, and from my limited marathon experience - London, Nottingham and the Isle of Wight - I reckon you've started off at the more difficult end of the scale.

    You're right though - that loop at the start threw me for a minute, but I've trained doing loops and they seem to eat up some of the miles early on.

    And I missed out on the chocolate! image Still, its an incentive to go back next year!

  • Fantastic race, course, marshalling, everything. Just a perfect race. Thought it'd be tough, but miles 23 onwards were just horrendous! Felt a nice sense of achievement crossing the line.
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