Tuesday 10th Febuary 2009

...But it's sinking.

What: 5 miles at lunch on the Thames path
Why: Because it's there
Last Hard: A while back
Last Rest: Yesterday

Time to rethink my planning for tne next 8 weeks I think as I don't have a race to race, might just go back to base training for a bit. I've missed to much recently anyway.

Laters y'all! Have a great day!


  • Lyrics... no?

    What: 5 x 1000m on the TM
    Why: 5k pace session
    Last Hard: Lordshill 5k last sunday (equal to PB)
    Last Rest: err?

    Base training is fun... don't complain!

    Weather's so miserable at the moment, roll on spring!!
  • Morning folks.

    Slow start on here today.

    Sure I know these lyrics but cannae place them...

    Had a really good hill session last night...tough but good. The planned hill rep was unrunnable, covered in hard packed snow and ice, so we tracked down an alternative, shorter tarmac hill elsewhere in the park. Probably about 280 metres long and gradually steepening all the way. We opted for 12 reps with jog down recoveries, and a c. 3min turnaround. After finding my bearings on the first 3 reps, settled into a consistent set of efforts, running the hill in about 54-56secs. Ended up working very hard on the last couple, with the legs turning a bit jelly-like on the final 50 or 60 metres, but got through them without the times slipping. Quite scary how quickly a 'proper international hill runner' was coming past us at the top of each hill...made us 33/34min 10k'ers look like we were running through treacle!

    For today...

    What: lunchtime - 8(ish) easy miles, pm - 4 easy miles on the tready plus a core session
    Why: recovery/aerobic mileage

    Have a great day.

  • good session there scobos, are the quads aching this morning ?

    congratulations paul on the 5k pb - what time did you run?

    on the FLM discussion. i watch it religiously on tv every year, especially good now you can red button to see the women's race/men's elite with decent commentary, but must admit i've never relished the thought of being in the crowds. part claustrophobic paranoia and part perceived frustration. did my last marathon (one of only two!) with the intention of trying to get on the championship start to avoid that happening but missed it by 3 minutes image 

    sofa report on day 3 is i'm off it and off the crutches. hurray! whole foot swelled up and went black yesterday but 24 hours of tubigrip has taken it most of the way down again. still badly marked and painful across the front of the foot but able to walk reasonably ok. not quite a TT recovery but dramatic improvement by my standards. very strange how a sprained ankle can make your toes black

    happy training

    i know the lyrics

  • Morning,

    Lyrics - easy for anyone who grew up as a prog rock fan in the 70s.  Not many albums have sold as many as this one.  That's two days on the trot - I think that's a PB!

    clink - that sounds like a bad one, but glad to hear you are recovering.

    There's a bright orange thing in the sky in Reading today - not quite sure what it is, but I think I remember seeing something similar a long time ago.  It's calling to me to go out for a run at lunch time!  So:

    What: 5M-ish inc. 10x400m reps
    Why: Tuesday is reps day and this Tuesday is short reps day
    Last hard: Sunday's LSR
    Last rest: Friday when the snow/ice got in the way.

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    Clink - sounds positive
    Lyric - 'prog rock fan in the 70s' - that'll be a no then...

    SGQ- orange thing spotted here too

    Nothing lunchtime, want to get away early as its daughter #1's 11th birthday today.
    Will hopefully get out a bit later for some speedwork type training. Taking it pretty easy this week, Bramley 20 on Sunday for which I have yet to formulate a plan.

  • Some good training happened on sunday, especially recall reading details about TT's run thinking 'good lord, and he's supposed to run long tomorrow?'. Glad to read he didn't...

    I yesterday did a recovery run/walk with mrs I and Imskito in the running stroller. Right foot very sore from sundays long run.

    On waking today foot still a bit sore and closer inspection narrowed it down to one but smallest toe. Bit worried (fracture?) so
    What: 10M easy
    Why: runner's logic (foot actually fine after a mile or 2 and now not worse, so at least it's runnable)
    Last hard: sunday
    Last rest: yesterday

     Healing vibes to clink

  • Morning

    NZC: Yep you can get most things in Dubai including Mussels and frites........ at a price!! Hardship posting it is not.

    What: 7.5 miles over by the palace d & d
    Why: Comrades (junk) miles
    Last hard: Yesterday ended up doing two sessions of 7 & 8 miles at soemwhere between 10K & 1/2M pace. Legs tired today
    Last Rest: Sunday

    Busy day in Marine Insurance have one ship sunk, one about to sink and a third on fire. Phone is red hot!

  • Forgot

    Lyrics: Oh yes

  • Lyrics: a thread favourite. This must be at least the third time. They did sell a LOT of albums though.

    My trainers are still saturated from yesterday's drowning session. It's a good job I've got a pair to alternate with.

    I'm going for a lunchtime run now. We'll see how it goes.

  • ".......Racing around to come up behind you again"

    An all time classic - saw this performed live at Wembley Arena in 1973 (when i was 16).

     What: A VERY wet 7 miles last night from London E1 to SE13 (cheeks were very Pink by the time I'd got back to Blackheath)

    Why: FLM

    Last hard: 2 days (Sunday's 12 miler - as hard as going 12 rounds with Floyd Mayweather)

    Last rest: 4 days.

    Time to get on and do some work - two hour's of steadily paced running planned for this evening keeping just within aerobic threshold - "shorter of breath and one day closer to death"

  • Afternoon folks.

    Blisters - very chivalrous.

    Scobos - nice hill session.

    clink - black toes from a sprained ankle..... you must have done a right job on it altogether.

    Imski - I've got Bramley this weekend, so no rush on the long run. Needless to say I won't long run next Monday either, but I reckon I'm pretty much ok on the endurance. It's the speed/speed endurance that needs work now. Fingers crossed it's not a fracture. At least you can run on it. Worth padding it up in the meantime though to be on the safe side?

    I never got to do anything yesterday after my morning recovery run (which wasn't a bad thing after Sunday anyway) as I had to prepare for a big meeting this morning - basically took up the whole of yesterday, but totally worthwhile as it turned out image

    What: 5m rec d&d / 5-10m easy with strides pm / Weights & core pm
    Why: Tuesday
    Last hard: Sunday
    Last rest: 30/01
    Lyrics: No.

    Have a good day all.

  • afternoon all.

    mad day at work today which is why this is my first time on the thread today.

    What: 2.3 done at 6am in a howling gale
    Why: it was better than nothing which was the alternative
    Last hard: everything
    Last rest: saturday

    Lurgy is definitely still lurking.  My chest feels very tight although I'm not coughing much.  Running is hard work which is why I kept it short today.  I'm about 30s a mile slower than I should be for one of those little runs.   I feel fine in the morning (well, tired but not unwell) but by home time I feel dreadful. 

    Clink - think the toes go black as the blood from the bruising obeys gravity and heads to the lowest point.   Tubigrip and a combination of elevation and as much movement as it will allow would probably be what the doc orders (at least that was what I was told when I did something similar way back in 2004). 

    Have a good day all.

  • Thanks to FINgers, I jogged my warm up singing "No one told you when to run - you missed the starting gun", which isn't the most positive way to approach a set of 400m reps. image

    But the session went well!  First 9 reps were all 1.33, 1.35 or 1.38 depending on the strength of the gusting wind and the direction I was running in.  For the final one, I decided to push hard as tomorrow is a rest day and clocked 1.19.  Think I probably looked like Thom Yorke dancing towards the end, though - arms and legs flying everywhere and form rapidly fading.

  • PS However, at least I know what I am going to listen to on  my iPod on the way home tonight - again thanks to FINgers - it's too long since I played this album!
  • Lol Graham LiT!

  • What: gym PM and maybe some swimming and aqua jogging(this sucks)
    Why: arse
    Last hard: all the time
    Last rest: 24th January but no running for days now.
    Lyrics: no

    Most of you may have noticed I have been cycling to cross train but I have become aware I have stagnated in recovery so have decided a few days off cycling as well may be good. So none today or tomorrow.

    Updates soon, I may even have a full rest day tomorrow.

  • Afternoon

    Paul - well done

    Clink - hope you are back on your feet soon

    NZC - I didn't on saturday but going on Thursday for a deeper one

    What: zilch, unless work counts
    Why: feeling sorry for myself
    Last Hard: LOL I've forgotten now

    Lyrics - i google - wouldn't of had a clue but i like these

  • What: 6 miles up and around a big hill

    Why: Because I can... well at least I can try to. Still struggling to run up this hill, but getting further every time I try...

    Nice run today, even if it was a little cold on the thighs - that glowing yellow thing in the sky was spotted in darkest Rotherham too...

    Have a good day all

  • Lunchtime run:

    21.5 miles, 3:07:34. Time on feet and all that. It's all the same in a relative way, but you're older.

    Why? I'd call it a big jigsaw piece, that one. Maybe even another brick in the wall. But that's the wrong album.

  • evening

    What: 4 miles dead slow

    Why: recovery run after Sunday's half marathon image

    Last hard: Sunday, although today felt hard after the half, legs a little stiff

    good running all

  • Blisters - nice long run.

    Clink, Gobi, Pammie, Mava - recover quickly from your injuries/sickness.

    Dubai Dave - you got me hankering for mussels and frites so guess what we had for dinner last night?

    Dustin - hope #1 daughter has a great 11th birthday. My eldest gdaughter is 11, soon to be 12.

    What: 3 miles easy - waited till it started to rain before heading out. It has been so hot and humid, wanted a nice cooling run for a change.

    Good running everyone.

  • Evening peeps.

    What: 4.5M on a  cauld and snow covered morning. Loved it !

    Why: Cause I can and want to.

    All the best and a quick recovery to those injured.

    Read back time.

    Night peeps.

  • Good evening everyone.

    clink - good to hear things are improving - take care

    mava - hope you get rid of the lurgy remnants soon

    Gobi - hope you recover to resume running soon

    What: 5 miles at lunch
    Why: Schedule
    Last Hard: Sunday
    Last Rest: Yesterday
    Lyrics: Nope


  • Evening!

    Blisters: if I may say so that was an extremely long lunch!
    Clink: glad there is an improvement.
    Gobi: sad that there doesn't seem to be much improvement.

    Lyrics: yes

    Whilst trying to find the thread discovered another Tuesday 10th Feb (2004). Mike S started the thread at 4 something (a.m.) and there were over a 100 replies!

    What: 15 mins slow
    Why: cos I can/cos I am still recovering from chest infection. Back to docs tomorrow a.m.
    Last hard: still Jan 2
    Last rest: 24 Dec

    Lyrics: I hope so.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • NZC,  mussels and frites ?  I have a memory of my holiday in NZ years ago, digging up something similar from the beach ( which the Maori usually dig up), and having them with kumara chips.

    What:  7.7ml inc 4.5ml faster
    Why: meant to be a 10ml progression run up to 10ml pace, but quit half way.  Legs tired; head not in gear; training partner awol, couldn't get my head round the session.  Not good;  unusual for me to give in on a session suggested by respected coach.  Perhaps I'll try again as part or my Sunday run, or perhaps wiser to let it pass.  

     I've got my sessions for the next two weeks, and seriously worried- if Coach goes on increasing the sessions I';ll be doing 14ml @ MP; 20x 800m; 14ml @ MP in 10 weeks time image

  • evening

    well I had to check that out for myself Alehouse...Doesn't seem too long ago in fact - but then, every year is getting shorter....
    it was an occasion when some nasty bug had got into the SAN at work and brought every database we had crashing down with nasty corruptive errors....could have come very close to killing the company....btw did you get those lyrics for that 10th Feb?
    Take care with that chest bug btw - I hope keeping the streak going isn't counter-productive

    Keep on expecting you to report you're back into the usual routine Gobi, but it must be a pretty significant issue if it's still keeping you benched

    Thought these were prety well known lyrics (I reckon I was the first to post them on the Daily thread, about 6 years ago), but the number of don't knows suggests a real generation gap has developed

    what: interval session, covered 6 & 2/3rd miles in the end, 4 and 2/3rd fast
    why: need for speed at the next Borders race, & not done an interval session in months

    Details fwiw:

    1 mile in 6:15, 1/3rd recovery in 2:41
    1 mile in 6:01,1/3rd recovery in 2:39
    1 mile in 6:04, 1/3rd recovery in 2:52
    1 mile in 5:56 (was going to call it a day having covered 5 miles - this would be one of my standard sessions of 4 x1 mile with 3 x 1/3rd jog recoveries, but instead....)
    1 mile recovery in 8:16, 2/3rd in 3:59

    Very surprised at the speed of efforts 2,3,and 4 - particularly the latter - it's not as if there was a lot of wind to assist this evening. HR didn't hit ridiculous levels either & recovery times were much better than last time (all 2:50+). Promising.....

  • Blisters - that's a nice long one. I want your lunch  hour !!!!!!!!image

    NZC -  I hope this heat ends soon. 

    What: easy 6 miles for two friends, hot as hell

    Why - legs tired and easy run was called for

    Last hard - Saturday

    Last rest: Last week Tuesday. 

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