Dear Southerners

Given the awful weather you are having leading to the building of arks, and the reported imminent end of civilisation caused by the dreadful weather you are  having I thought you would all benefit from seeing some nice blue sky from sunny Manchester today.

Please note, I assume that this means you won't be bleating about how 'grim it is up north' or demanding we pipe down our water so you can use a hose on the 2 ft square bit of land you call a garden. imageimageimage


  • bastid !!!

    I'm stuck dahn sarf, Rather than my office in Manchester

  • amazing what you can do with Photoshop these days......


  • image  I don't mind swimming to work, makes a nice change.  I'm just so glad the ice has finally melted so I don't have to skate all over the place.
  • Live pictures from the Old Trafford web cam (Not that Old Trafford silly, The real one)
  • Trust me FB, it may be amazing what photoshop can do, but not by me!  I'm too old skool, prefer to spend my photography time outside taking pictures rather than doing any post processing.  image
  • D74.

    Well if thats what I could see if I looked out my window..instead of green stuff..I would move south...still looks pretty grim to me..and it sunny today by the way....AND I had an extra night off last night because of the road complaining here..

  • I think we should cull the Mancs.
  • Night Nurse,

    Ok, I can look the other way so you see the Peaks if you would prefer that.  Of course that's from the office, from  home 12 miles away and a 20 minute drive then it's in teh Peaks so it's just open the door and fall out.  Looking out the window, yep, it's still sunny there tooimage

    DM - Have to agree, manchester would be much better without a few of the Mancs!  I'm hoping that they discover some medical condition resulting from spending the ages 12-16 walking around in shell suits holding your knacks that causes infertility and so we may be saved by natural selection pretty soon.

  • D74....and if I look out of my sons bedroom window, I have a lovely view of.......the fire have it advantges though..image

  • D74 bits of that look familiar. I can see the wheel that still in Exchange Square? Which way is that shot looking towards?

    Any chance of a pic looking towards Bury?

  • That's from Picaddilly Gardens looking North West.  The wheel is still in Exchange Square.  I'll do another couple in a few minutes looking round and include the wind farm. 
  • Dear southerners - don't worry. However bad it is down there at the moment, things WILL improve; but manchester will always be manchester. At least you don't live there!

    (speaking as a northerner who had many happy years 'dahn sahf', near Pompey!)

  • I love living Dahn Sarf, the throng of ignorant suits packed onto the early trains, the sexy twang of Russian/ukrainian/lithuanian etc. from the girls in the coffee shops. The chav school girls lighting spliffs on the on the way home from school, Oh England, my lionheart it's great.
  • image I'm a Hull-ite that lived down in London and Woking for a decade, and am now the Yorkshire Ambassador in the Embassay in Glossop.  Hence my crowing today after 10 years of 'grim up north' comments whilst down there and then another 5 from the colleagues and friends that are still down there.  I do totally accept that the only reason it's worth making such a comment is that it only happens once every 18 years, but that's no excuse to make the most of it!

    Oh, pictures delayed as the sun bleached out everything on the camera phone and there's a limit to the number of photos I can legitimately take out the window without attracting too much attention.

  • I was Yorkshire's ambassador to the Leigh Park estate (think 'Shameless'  off the telly!) and used to go and watch Pompey with a few of my neighbours - Ah, I still remember the mirth and merriment caused by chants of "you dirty northern bastards!" as they all pointed at me...
  • *total thread jack*  why are they called Pompey....I was trying to get someone to tell me at the weekend but no one know /end

    Kwilter I was in Bury was slushy but no snow lying. (My flight was at 7.00am so I couldn't see if the sun came out later!)

  • D74

    If you look south east then you'll get a piccy of me - I can see Mcr city centre from my eyrie in the hills. About 14 miles away, just before you see the cage at lyme Park. I'll wave.

    And of you see a bloke running along the sun drenched ridge behind lyme, in shorts and sunnies against the glare, then you'll know it's my lunchtime.

    >Rubs it in a bit harder for anyone south of Buxton<

  • Here is an apology for anyone in the South.... must be so awful for you.image

    Didn't realise you were from Hull Dunc.
    From now on you will be known as Entwistle from the mystical Far East. image

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Good idea, Don. About the cull. Any date in mind?
  • <waves back at BTB>

    I was actually thrown out of Hull in 1993 when my pedantic nature forced me to launch a trade description complaint against Hull City Council for their "It's never Dull in 'ull" campaign. 

  • it is so hard living down south, Brighton is just so inconvenient for a run across the South Downs or along the beach. And everyone is so grumpy and unfriendly. Not image
  • ..... any chance of showing us the same photo taken at night? Somebody told me you've now got electricity up north - just wanted to see it for myself image
  • Like this?

  • There's always this one

    I had my first college job working in the Wellington

  • nice pics  D74....I fancy a run around the Quays now....

    And DtES, that might be the REAL Old Trafford, but we all know that they are both REALLY in Stretford.

  • Beautiful crisp lunchtime run today. Fantastic clarity of light - from Lyme I could see over D74 and Farnie to Winter hill, over Jodrell Bank to Widnes (I think) and some nice snowy tops of the N Welsh mountains.

    To change subject completely - D74 - do you know this chap? from down the road. I see him around but had no idea he was a pro. Should have figured it out from the gassing he gives me though!

  • Seen him out and about a few times as well and my main route mirrors a lot of his, but he misses out Winnats Pass and adds a loop to the south wheras I tend to do a second lap opf Snake / Chunal etc if I need to add the distance. 

    Visibility is superb today, see hills we've never seen before, all the way to Huddersfield. 

  • That's THAT view spoilt then!

    (Sorry Huddersfield!)image

  • image ssshh there are enough southener's living up north as it is. You could go around telling people it's nicer, cheaper, more polite and less likely to get stabed up here or we will be know deep in Man Utd fans.image
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