How should I be feeling

Right then. My wife and I ( I've just got married ) are doing our first marathon in November which means the big push starts now including the Robin Hood half on Sunday. We've just gone back to work and with the training we're feeling pretty tired. The long runs are scheduled in for about three
weeks time. I'm feeling a little fatigued and probably a bit dehydrated ! Is this normal and what should I be expecting over the next few weeks ? Lots of sleep and taking it easy between runs ?


  • Guess I'll just have to wait and see then !!
  • I got married in March this year, had 3 weeks' honeymoon with no running, lots of rich food and drinking every day, and my running wasn't back to normal till about July. It was frustrating but I got there in the end! I'd say it's pretty normal! Yes, lots of sleep, lots of water, sensible diet and cut down on alcohol for a bit (!!) - you should be OK, let's face it if I can do it anyone can!
  • Thanks Kerensa.
    Beleive it or not I've not had too much alcohol but life does seem to be a little hectic at the moment with all sorts of little jobs to get done and adjustements to make.
  • Stress (good stress as well as bad) can really affect the amount of energy you have, and weddings are one of the most stressful events imaginable. Once you get Robin Hood out of the way, give yourselves a couple of days off - and I mean really off - everything. Other than work (unless you can get a day or two off), do nothing - no housework, no writing thank you notes for wedding gifts, no visiting Auntie so-and-so who wants to see the newlyweds, etc., etc., etc. Get extra sleep, check that your diet hasn't slipped to too unhealthy due to time constraints, veg out in front of the telly. In short, give yourself a life recovery session. That should give you the energy you need to get back into the training with gusto.

    Oh, and by the way, congratulations!
  • I usually find the last 2-3 months before a marathon are when i'm doing all the long distance running and all i want to do is eat and sleep. As Nessie say, take a couple of days out to relax and rest and you'll come back to it new people!
  • I'm currently in the last four week of training before marathon debut on October 6th and have been building up long runs for about three months.

    When you say November - beginning or end?
    When you say "longs runs scheduled in for 3-4 weeks time" how far are you running at present and what do you call a long run?
    How much running are you doing at the moment?
  • Thanks for your advice you lovely people you.

    Marathon is beginning of Nov, it's the NY which with jet lag etc should be quite tiring.
    I had a bulging disc a few weeks ago and still being careful I'm up to about half marathon ( Robin Hood on Sunday I hope )
    Our long runs will be a 15 miler and then up to 20 -22 about two to three weeks before Nov 3rd. We've been training now for a few months but the disc problem set me back a bit. Fingers crossed I will be ok from here in. The RH will be a " marker " for the Marathon so I intend to take it easy and not get carried away with the event. I'll be happy to get round in 2:15.
    Thanks again.
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