• Johnny- By my reconing this means the lake has a slope on it! 

    Thanks for info on the first mile climb.

    Try following the route on google earth, because of the hills above the lake you get a great perspective of the area.

  • I like the idea of a sloping lakeimage

  • Right I've done it!

    This will be my first half marathon - think I must be mad - plenty of time to train though!!

  • I have just printed off an application form and will sort it out over the weekend.

     This will be my second half and yes Emma you must be mad but you'll love it really

  • I plan to cheat by running to  mile 3, then swimming across the lake to mile 10 image

  • Welsh Alex: For a fiver you can share my boat i've hidden at mile 3.

  • I'll love it afterwards when I'm sat in the pub with a lovely pint of real ale!

    This time last year I couldn't have run for a bus and last month I did the Ennstone 7 in a good (for me) time - so it'll be fine!

  • Got me number in the post this morning image
  • That's quick image

  • seriously you got your number ?? its not till september lol
  • Ye number 200ish came sat with my other halfs numberimage and we are both running Trimpell 20 next sunday and are still waiting for numbers from that image
  • I agree with Johnny again - I've done this race 3 times and it is a sloping lake with the "uphill" being the return section to the dam before you freewheel back down to the village image

  • Yeah, I've ran it twice and sent my entry off so can't wait for this, IMHO, it's the finest half marathon in the country... FACT lol...

    A Martin Looks like we meet again my friend hahaha

    Cheers Pug image

  • ha, i really cant wait
  • Danny what you doing up at 03.45!  We will see about the sloping lake, but i think science is on my side.
  • I have it on good authority that in Iron Man Switzerland the lakes are definitely ALL UPHILL.


    Where's me diary, because I'm definitely interested in this, and it's not just so that I can meet up with His Pugship. Actually, I wonder if I could set up another challenger...?


  • Well, I'm in, Number 19... blimey, that's  low number... must'v ebeen the Sub 60 I mentioned on the application form image

    Cheers Pug image

  • I ran round the lake 6 weeks ago. Loved it. Just ran my first half on Sunday (Stafford) in 1:34. Hope to run this one in sub 1:30.
    Tea and cake at lakeside view probably a bad idea!
  • Stuart Thomas 2 wrote (see)
    I ran round the lake 6 weeks ago. Loved it. Just ran my first half on Sunday (Stafford) in 1:34. Hope to run this one in sub 1:30. Tea and cake at lakeside view probably a bad idea!

    Vyrnwy is quick, although you can have a tendancy to go off like a nutter on the first 5 mile... which you have to keep the reigns on. When you make the turn, think this is around 7 mile, then there ARE inclines, nothing serious but if you'r eon your limit, you will pay... however, you have to take the option that at 12 mile, the l;ast mile is fast... so treat it as a 12 mile race... and you'll be fine.

    I'm hoping for something rather tasty here BUT with Berlin Marathon 1 weeks later, may have to old back... I'll see how I feel closer to the time.

    Cheers Pug image

  • dont leave it to late, ive been told theres nearly 800 entrys gone and 1500 to fill and its only march

  • Might chuck in an app. Only just got into runnin proper. Doin 10k`s at the mo but hope to get a half done soon. This one might be ideal for `end of season` especially if it`s flattish. Nice area; my mum lives near Welshpool so it`s do-able for me!
  • IS It

    Mick n Phil friendly ??

  • The course should be fine. Just got to ask the race director I guess.
  • Alex- how are u BTW - hope alls well

    it's going to be another one of these events ahh

     running the  race will be easy

    but will they let us IS another thing

    i actually said to some one only last week - i use more energy and stress asking people to let us run

    then actually running the 13 miles it's self

  •  My number came last saturday 900 and something so it looks like it's filling up fast
  • Posted my entry today. Stepping the training a little as i have a couple of 10k races over the next few weeks: lilishall sexarathon (first race of six) and Muller 10k (highly recommended)

    Is the circuit clockwise? Hope so, whenever i have ran or cycled the lake in the past i have always gravitated towards this as like others i feel that the gradient works in your favor.

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Clockwise, RR, as far as I can recall.
  • Got my number through yesterday - 9hundred & something so def filling up !!

    I've got the map & it is clockwise as usual.

  • Clockwise it is then, just like my running wheel. Good news for a creature of habit like me.

    Thanks for clarification

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