Interruption to HM Training

I am currently running 30 miles a week and my LSR is up to 9 miles (will be 11 this weekend hopefully) in prep for my first half at the end of April, everything is going great but I am going on a week long winter mountaineering course in Scotland in 4 weeks which I can't wait for but as I am going to be out in the hills all day every day, I'm not going to have any opportunity to run, even the evenings are planned.

Fitness wise I don't think I will lose much as its going to be very active but as I'm not following a particular programme as such, I'm just wondering how to tinker with my training to get around this?

I am currently running 4-5 times a week, 1 tempo run of 5-6 miles, 2-3 steady runs of between 4-6 miles and my LSR

any advice?


  • Rach,

    You have not said how long you have been on your training plan or running 30 miles per week for, maybe a week off will do you good if you having been training consistently for a few months.

    And like you say you will be doing a lot of walking and climbing in that week.  IMHO the week off will probably do you the world of good.

  • I agree. I think the week in the hills will actually do you good and mean that when you come back you will also be itching to get back in training.
  • rach72rach72 ✭✭✭
    thanks guys, I have been increasing my mileage for only the last month and a half really (but have been running for a few years give or take the odd month or two off), but I do have another month before I go so plenty of time to get used to my LSR, I was planning just to get up to 12 miles as that will take me about 2 hours I think at the moment, not sure if I should do any longer in training?
  • My longest training run for a HM has been 10 miles. I'm sure you will be fine, as others have said, the rest will do you good.
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