I don't know what else to do

I used to suffer from ankle pain and I discovered that I pronate, so I tried a range of trainers but it did not solve the problem.  I saw a physio and he prescribed some orthotics which I had and tried.  The ankle pain went away and shin splints arrived.  Tried them in various stability and motion control shoes and not had any luck.  The best ones so far are probably the NB 768s.  I have been back and had the orthotics adjusted but still no luck.  The pain was so bad on one of my runs last week that I thought I would try my old Asics Nimbus 9 trainers and I had a mostly comfortable run with very little shin pain.  However, the ankle pain returned after almost a year without it.

I'm running out of ideas and money.  I have been given some strenthening exercises to do and they don't seem to be doing anything, but then again I haven't been doing them every day like I was told as I keep forgetting.  Also, I am a bit overweight which I am sure makes the problem worse,

 I have a half marathon in 4 weeks and do not feel ready.  I can do the distance but it is going to be slow and painful.  It makes me want to give up but I enjoy it when it is going well and it is the best way I can lose weight.

 Does anybody have any advice?


  • Yeah stick at it.  Do all the satretches religiously, and try your best to loose a little weight, add some cross training instead of a run in the week to relieve the stress while you get into the habbit of loosing a little and stretching.  At least this way you are giving the docs ides a proprer go.

     I have struggled with plantar facilities in my heel and although I can still feel it it was only when I did my stretches PROPERLY that Ive started to recover.

    I would advise finding another race - say 5-10k and then build up to the half rather than running one now, the experience may put you off.

    All the best

  • Bizarrely after suffering with bad shin splints for nearly a year now, and getting really down about it, i've found lacing my shoes up quite a bit tighter has done the world of good - i think before my foot was moving around a little in the shoe at the heel and exagerating my overpronation. Seems to have done the trick for me so worth thinking about?
  • WeVWeV ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the replies.  I have noticed doing my laces up tigher does help a bit but not a lot.

    I've also noticed when I run that I am unable to lift my toes after a short while.  Think it is related to the shin pain/weakness.

  • I would defo go back to docs / physio every now and agan
  • Wayne do you  land on your heel or the ball of the foot?  Have you tried just using a heel lift?
  • If you can't lift your toes that's going to change your gait completely I would have thought. Ghanged gait would mean all your shoe/orthotic plans are out the window. Maybe you should work out why you can't lift your toes. Probably not any help but when I played soccer and took all the goalkicks (there were a lot 'cause we used to get thrashed every week) I couldn't lift my toes after a game either. I guess the nerve/muscle whatever at the front of the ankle was traumatised.
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    I strike with my heel but it is more toward the centre of my foot.  I have tried landing on my fore foot but find it difficult to keep it up.  I can lift my toes at the start of a run, its after the first couple of miles when the outside muscle on my shin starts to hurt.
  • It should be easier to land on your fore foot instead of breaking with your heel.  You don't have to raise your toes but your heel back towards your rear. The Pose or Chi Running form may help you. You use gravity and momentum to fall forward instead of pulling yourself. Something tells me you are twisting your pelvic area and putting strain on the outside of the knee. Get a good sports doctor to evaluate your running style , but it sound like you have a biomechanical issue, that shouldn't keep you from running. You and everybody else have guessed long enough it is time to see a speicalists.
  • WeVWeV ✭✭✭

    I think it is looking likely that I wont be running the half marathon in just over three weeks.  I've been ill since Sunday and have viral conjunctivitis so being forced to rest.  Probably for the best.  I think half my problem is that my running is inconsistent, and after a quiet month I will come back all motivated and overdo it, which gets me injured and leads to me struggling for motivation.  I think I need to start back slowly.

     I've tried the Pose method before and it felt like I was running faster, but boy did my calves and achilles ache afterwards!!!  I couldn't do it on my next run as it was too painful.  Maybe I should give it another go but start slowly.

  • Wayne find somebody that teaches Pose or Chi, make sure you are doing it right. The kenylans run Pose. Notice that they don't have big calves like us westerners. you lean forward and lift your heels up not the knees. Let someone watch your form. Don't worry about your running speed. It takes a while to learn to do it and stay focused. I am interested in the method because I will be trying to make a comeback from a compound fracture of the lower leg. If you love running like me , you won't give up even if you have to find someone who will help you.
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