Finding Out What Races I've Entered on RW

It says when I post I've entered 8 events, however, how do I find out what ones? I think I entered Trimpell 20 online, BUT I can't see any email or anything, so I need to find out DID I ACTUALLY or am I dreaming...

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  • I've often wondered the same. The 'event entries' thing seems completely useless - you can't click on it to see what events it's referring to, and I can't find anywhare in my profile which lists the races I've entered (3 apparently, but I have no idea what they were!).

    I think your best bet is to contact the race organisers directly and see if they have you on their list of entries.

  • how rubbish!

    I managed to enter the same race by post twice once, but would be better if you could click on that event entries.

    And is it total events ever entered on line or ones thta are upcoming that haven't been run yet>

  • well..mine is it's obviously the history!

  • you should get an e-mail from when you enter through the RW site confirming your entry

    I keep all mine in a folder called "entries" (suprisingly!) so can refer to that if needed

    maybe you need to check your spam folders or put the rw e-mail address in your whitelist so it gets through to you
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