recommedations for a running club ...

Anyone have any thoughts on a suitable running club I could join? I'm web savvy but the searching I've done is inconclusive.

I'm a 40+ runner who's been running for about 3 years. I've been running 10k's and the odd 5k.I'm really hoping that I can get a sub 40 minute 10K in before I get too old! [And of course a sub 20 minute 5k whilst I'm at it!

I'd like to join a running club to have motivated company and to have track time. I actually live very close to Crystal Palace running track/stadium but don't know how to get to actually run there ...

Also I'm quite competitive. As I think everyone does I've been considering upping my distances to 1/2 marathon and maybe even full marathon over the next few years ... BUT I think that my physique may actually be suited to shorter distances (at which I could possibly be more competitive) ... So again a running club where I could get some informed advice would be useful.

 Any thoughts, opinions, information, web sites etc ?

 Thanks image


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