Cape Wrath Challenge 2009

Thought I would get this going. This is my first Cape Wrath event. After doing the Hebridean Double marathon event last year, this seemed like a good one to follow in terms of challenge and scenery.

Training is building up steadily. My lsr is up to 2 hrs, and I am incorporating quite a few back-to-back sessions in my training too.


  • Hi freefall bunny

    This will be my fifth visit to Durness. The last two years I've missed the marathon because of illness (2007) or injury (2008) so my target this year is to get to the start and finish of it!

    My training was pear-shaped before it started so I'm looking forward to a certain amount of discomfort. Chocolate cake helps, though. I'll probably be as well-trained as I was the first year I went but anything over 15 miles is going to be a challenge. Still, that would be miles 15 - 22 of the marathon - basically downhill and them the last 4.

  • Hi K2, great to hear from someone. There are bunch of people on the Scottish Runners forum doing this too; some old hands like yourself and some newbies like me.

     Hopefully you will be fine for this one. My training is a bit patchy at the moment too. I think I need to sort out my diet and maybe take some iron as I suspect my fatigue is down to me not getting my diet right, plus I am prone to anaemia.

    My LSRs are doing Ok, but my shorter mid-week runs are all over the place and either getting missed or shortened due to general fatigue or time constraints. I really need to get back on track.

    I won't do more than 20 on my LSRs, but i am planning a bit of a dress rehearsal later this month where I aim to train onver 4 consecutive days starting with the Alloa Half Marathon.

    One last thing, I have a bed going spare in the cottage that I have rented for the week, so if you hear of anyone still needing accommodation send them my way.

  • fb
    I'll have a look and see who else is doing it - Loon Dod, probably, Running for Beer(?).

    I shouldn't worry too much - we were saying the other day that we get away with the high mileage because in between runs we eat loads amd take things easy.

    I'll let you know if I hear of anyone who wants accommodation.

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