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My name is Florian Neuschwander I am german and I have been in London since 2 weeks because my girlfriend is working here and I want to be with her.
At the moment I have a temporary job there but only  for 2 weeks.

so I am looking for a job in the London area from 23th February.

Before I went to London I was a retailer in a big sports store in Munich (in the running area).
While my trainee as a retailer in 2007 I managed  one of our sports stores in germany  with 8 other trainees for 3 weeks.

I although studied sports in Germany for 3 years.

Yesterday (15th February) I won the Tunbridge Wells Halfmarathon in 1h08:48 min.

I would like to work preferable in a running shop as I did it in Germany.

I could although imagine to coach runners or assume other things in the running area.

Hope to get a few answers

Thanks a lot !!




  • Try some of the better running shops - where they might value your running ability and knowledge..some potential places:

    Runners Need

    Run and Become

    Flora London Marathon Shop

    Good luck

  • Thanks...

     I tried this already.....

    Not so easy to find  a job at the moment.....  image



  • Sweat Shop?
  • "Not so easy to find a job at the moment....."

    I think a few hundred thousand others would agree with you as well........
  • *waits in anticipation*

  • Is Anticipation the name of a running shop and the wait caused by the lack of staff?
  • Sorry, can't help you other than to try Yellow Pages and just get on the phone and ask. I'm sure there are lots of shops who would wlecome an enthusiastic employee who can also help coach etc.

    Good luck, and ignore the comments of some above. They probably don't realise that Germany has more working Brits in than any other country abroad. I'm sure you don't recommend they all come back to Britain.

    And well done on the TW win, you would have lapped me if it had been a marathon!

  • Aliard - very diplomatic. I'd have called the earlier contributor a f***ing nasty Mail-reading little-England bigot onanist, which would obviously be a disgraceful thing to do.

    Good luck Florian - there's got to be a chance of a shop owner/manager coming across this thread who could do with your expertise and maybe a quick runner for their club.
  • Silent Roar, your comment is quite frankly horrific and you should be ashamed of yourself.  If you're having difficulty finding a job, perhaps it's your attitude.  I've heard there are a few jobs on Pluto - I'll buy you a 1 way ticket.

    Florian - we're not all like that, don't worry.  Have you tried Runners World, which is an independent running shop with 2 branches in West london (one Asics specific) and the other in East London.  I don't wish to dampen your spirits, but you may have to widen your search slightly as jobs are a bit tricky at the moment.  There are, I'm sure, sports associations, local councils and clubs that might be looking for people.  Alternatively, start in any retail role you can, and that'll stand you in good stead, then you can move on from there.  Good luck and happy running

  • I wonder if Silent Roar would refuse to be treated by an overseas GP?
  • Silent Roar probably couldn't even talk to me, cos my mum isn't English.  I tell you what, I'll pop over to my folks' place later and get her sent back overseas image
  • SR - if you are going to have a xenophobic rant about Florian you would do yourself a very big favour if you did your homework first

    Florian is male

  • or she is running a bloody fast HM for a girl... hahaha...

    it is a little ironic for SR to accuse Florian of being "insensitive" ...

    in any case... there is a lovely male forumite here who has a German girlfriend and is considering to move to live with her and hence obviously work over there.... i.e. exacly what Florian has done but the other way around.  I sincerely hope that if and when he does he won't encounter too many people of the likes of SR.

    Florian, welcome!  Have you thought of trying some of the larger online running shops, such as Start Fitness, Sportsshoes.com etc.  Good luck.  image

  • http://www.aufpet.com/img/xmasS32.jpg

    what a sad sad sad post SR.

    You should get out more, and as FB said do your homework.  I couldn't help but giggle at the constant references to Locals, ha haa do you live in Royston Vasey?

    There is nothing stopping the unemployed people here moving (with their friends) to go and live in Germany.  And the fact they don't speak the language says more about us a country than it does about everyother one that bothers to learn a sencond language.,

    There are plenty of people in construction and engineering who (and not speaking 'their' language) have travelled abroad and got 'locals' jobs......

  • Not much more to say about SR's post - breathtaking ignorance - i particularly enjoyed the wholly false summary of how the uk deals with asylum seekers - I just hope it's a wind up

     My regret is that we weren't 'swamped' with 'pretty' high-cheekboned eastern europeans a few years earlier when i was young and single - i just have to settle for occasional quiet lechery these days

  • What a pity the roar wasn't silent
  • Good luck Florian

    It isn't a good time to get jobs but with your skills and determination I'll sure you will get one........and yes I'm looking for a job at the moment but wouldn't want to stop anyone else applying just because they weren't born in this country..........the world is here for people to travel if they so wish........

    good luckimage

  • sounds like SR should stand as a fecking BNP candidate

    cant stand any form of bigots

    While the rest of Europe have embraced the European union, its just this sort of Little Englander that holds our country back in the dark ages

  • Aside from any issues of bigotry, SR's logic is laughable...

    "It isn't a level playing field either. Most Germans will have learnt English at school as it's the main international language of the world, so, already speaking the language, it's easy for them to travel here, especially if a friend is here already. Few Brits learn German as it isn't such a useful language in life. So they come here to take our jobs but it's far more difficult for Brits to migrate there and take their jobs."

    So German isn't a useful language, but at the same time the fact that I can't speak German (I did have a chance to study it at school but it isn't such a useful language) means I'm much less likely to be able to find a job in Germany?  Hmmm... maybe it's not so useless after all.  Ja!

    And just how 'local' do you have to be to qualify for these 'local' jobs?  Presumably some 'foreigner' from Yorkshire looking for work in London would be getting the same treatment?  I mean, it's hardly commutable, is it!  Coming down from Oop North, stealing all our jobs...

    Florian - good luck in your job hunt.

  • "they come here to take our jobs but it's far more difficult for Brits to migrate there and take their jobs"

    and on a not too dissimilar note, how does SR equate the Brits buying property in France at inflated prices and pricing the locals out of the housing market as as happened big time in some Alpine skiing resorts. the locals can't afford to live in the towns/villages they were born in or work in so the local economy suffers with a shortage of skilled labour for simple things like plumbing etc as the incomers feel such jobs are below them.

  • What gets me is these Poles who come over and take our plumbing jobs just because we can't be arsed to train as plumbers. It's not a level playing field.
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    How can the jobs be stolen from 'locals' if the 'locals' aren't doing them? As an economy, surely we should want the best people available doing the jobs? Aren't [foreign] people working here putting money into the system - through taxes, national insurance, spending in the shops? Does SR object to all those antipodeans coming here, doing our bar-work, office admin jobs....?

    I'm Welsh with an English wife and run a business in England

    but I still know how to turn the CAPSLOCK key off!!!!!!!!

  • Barnsley Bomber wrote (see)
    BB thats because you have shown great taste in recognising that welsh women are the best in the worldimageimage
  • Welsh women are the easiest in the World.........image
  • SR - A few things, thanks for your charming reply.  I am honoured that you took the time to write so much drivel, but try and be a bit more succinct in future, long winded rants don't really help your case!  I obviously hit a nerve.  As said above, your knowledge of world culture is outstanding, and your knowledge of running is even more so if you think Florian is Female.  If you couldn't work that out, at least from his running time, I don't think you should be on a running forum.  Try Prats are Us - it's quite popular with the daft.

    If you're after a job, again, your attitude won't get you very far.  If I ever have luck in interviewing you, your dislike of everyone, apparently even yourself, will come shining through. If you're not looking for a job, why are you so bothered.  I  bet you wouldn't 'lower yourself' to do half the jobs people do to survive from day to day, regardless of nationality.

    AND FINALLY, as the great Trevor McDonald would say (incidentally, he was born in Trinidad, so can he stay?!) is Silent Roar synonymous with fart, cos all of what you've said is a load of hot air and certainly comes out of your a*se.

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