Travelling up on the day - Ipswich area

Just wondered if any one was going up to the flm on the sunday and wanted a paying passenger or if anyone knows of any coaches going with one spare seat.


  • Try contacting local running clubs.

    If they have a number of runners going, they sometimes put on coaches.

  • I assume you know that you have to register before the race and pick up your number - it cant be done on race day
  • This is so my third FLM so i know the drill, Just trying to cut costs a bit this year and not having to fork out for high hotel prices in london.

    I will try a couple of running clubs in Ipswich to see if there is any coaches going. 

  • Hi... i know what you mean by high hotel prices, its my fourth FLM and the first time im driving on the day, i have looked at car parking etc and think im going to park at Euston Station and get train from there, not sure if any help to you... train leaves every 20 mins ... i will prob get half seven ish train...
  • Hi Andrew, thanks for that, sounds like a good idea i will work out the logistics of it now.  
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