Do you ride a motorbike to events?

I've just passed my bike test and am now looking for a bike (Fazer 600) and would ideally like to ride as regular as I can, when not carrying passengers or heavy loads, including to events.

I was just wondering, where do you keep your bag/rucksack, lid and leathers whilst you're running (I don't really want to fit a topbox.)? Or would it just be easier to carry on using the car for events?



  • Hi Multi
    I havent been to any events on my bike, but personally I wouldnt take it unless I new I had somewhere secure to leave my gear.

    See if you can find someone on the forum going to the same event who is willing to stow your gear.
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    You can lock your lid to the bike, other than that you'll have to get a scooter with storage space or ride in your running gear. Don't some bikes have any storage under the seat? I've always mainly had Lambrettas and vespas although I did have a Z500 once I didn't get on with it.

    You can slip a chain through the sleeve of your jacket and leg of your trousers, not sure how you go about securing your shoes though.

  • Nice one Goo5e! Sounds pretty fair to me.


  • Yep, ok - I'll drive !!
  • tried it once as I have a Pan with pleanty of storage space problem is getting into the leathers after race not a comfortable experience never done it again use the car
  • I've never dared ride to a race--no guarantee what the old legs are going to be like afterwards. Get someone else to drive you!!!

    I go to the gym occasionally on the bike, and you can slip leathers on over kit. If it's a biggish race there's usually bag storage, so you could use that, too. But let's face it: it's a nice day, you've had a good blast, there are miles and miles of virgin tarmac to be cut up . . . are you really going to get off that bike and shag yourself out running 13 miles when you could be blasting down the A5? !!!

    Well done on the bike test, BTW. Fazer's a good first proper bike. Give it hell!

  • I used to ride a bike to races quite regularly. I locked the helmet to the bike and never had any problems, and used panniers for my kit.
  • One of my club mates only ever rides, he always finds someone he knows who is happy to help and stow his kit.
  • Take your bike to events that a based at sports centres where you can use the lockers - otherwise take a car

    Nothing would be worst than finishing a hard race and finding your stuff gone
  • Multi
    If you are thinking of a new Fazer600 check out motorcycle news

    as of June 17th this year Yam will no longer be allowed to sell it new as it will fail new emissions laws ( second hand are ok )

    well done on passing the test & happy riding
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    SOunds like a good deal could be had if you find a shop with any left come June.

  • Nice one Goo5e. I'll be on the blower first thing in the morning with my haggling hat on!

  • ooooh! I like the sound of that too!
  • One Fazer 600 ordered! 0% for 18 months!Lovely!
  • you have actually ordered one ?
  • Hope you got a damn fine deal
  • I've spoken with a couple of mates, and they think I have! 5k for Fazer with Datatag, Scottoiler, and Datatool system 3 alarm/imobiliser. He wouldn't budge on this figure for a cash deal, so 0% it is!

    What do you reckon?
  • Multi, sounds like you got yourself a good deal there. Congrats on passing your test, and as said before the Fazer is an excellent first bike. I've got a Ducati which has zero space to store stuff in, but I can usually find someone with a car to store my gear in. Sports Centres are best when there's a race starting from them. Although I must say I've taken the bike to a 10 miler, but had a hard race and was a bit worried about losing concentration on the way home. I generally now don't take it for anything more than a 10k. It is a bit more of a hassle, but then it makes the whole day more fun - riding and racing! best of luck when you get the bike.

  • ScoobyDoo

    Ducati? From what I've heard, and read in Bike and Ride they seem like the ultimate machines. Bit out of my league, but hey, give it a few years ....
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