Saucony Grid Triumph 6

Thanks for the advice people gave me on here.

Got my arse to Start Fitness and got some advice about my Nike Vomeros - apparently they are totally wrong for my feet (too soft) and wrong size (a half size too small at least) and this is probably why I am having so many problems with my feet.

When I was running better and faster a few years ago (but before orthotics) I always ran in Saucony and never had any problems and then switched to Asics and then to Nike this time. So, decided to go back to Saucony and have come back with an £80 pair of Saucony Grid Triumph 6s. Let's hope they do the job! Guy in shop said I have very odd feet. Very high arches, higher on left foot than right, and my tread pattern suggests I underpronate/ supinate (pod said i overpronate/ have collapsing arches though so am a bit confused about that).

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