Runners Knee - rest or train through it?

Training for IMCH was going well until last weekend, when I developed a very painful knee whilst out running which appears to match the symptons for Runners Knee. I was away for a few days so deliberately decided not to train. I've been doing appropriate stretches in order to help.

After a week's rest I did a longish bike ride yesterday, and it feels a bit painful again, but I'm anxious not to miss training whilst being aware that it could do more harm than good, So...

swimming - yes/no?

cycling - yes/no?

 running - yes/no?

Thyank you.......


  • Go see a physio and get correct diagnosis. Probably alright swimming, but I am a complete twat and often try to train thru injuries which just prolongs them so probably best not to take my advice.
  • See a pro but don't automatically think that swimming will be OK. Watch breaststroke, it can make it worse.
  • I had a bad knee for ages.  Swimming breaststroke aggravated it, but front crawl with minimum kicking was fine.  By minimum kicking I mean keeping legs fairly close together as you kick and kick as gently as you can get away with from the hips/upper legs. 
  • Runner's knee, aka ITBFS.

    Rest, Ice.

    No cycling, no running.

    Get it looked at ASAP.

    Front crawl is fine, main issue with ITBFS is the bending of the knee which aggravates the IT Band.

  • If you swim, front crawl with a pull bouy and try not to push too hard off the wall too.
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