Monday 23 February 2009

...don't you know

What: 5 miles steady
Why: It's in the plan
Last Hard: Sat
Last Rest: Yesterday

Things got away from me yesterday, and to be honest felt really light headed for most of the day so didn't do long run. Bit annoyed with myself for not just getting up in the morning and getting it out of the way.

So to kickstart me back to motivation and shock me back into needing to do some longer sessions I entered a 10k next weekend in Bushy Park. Looking forward to it, will be good to see where I am speed wise as I've not run a 10k for at least 2 years...

Very exciting run for Mo F at the NIA at the weekend, envious of those of you who were there to see it!

Now off to read back. Happy days y'all!


  • What: 3.41 miles RUN!!!!! d&d
    Cycling to physio at lunchtime
    ?? PM Club AGM so possibly nothing.
    Why: good question and I have loads of excuse BUT in reality I just wanted to run, discomfort is there but no pain.
    Last hard: the tyres on my bike are hard
    Last rest: 11th Feb
    Lyrics: nope
  • Too bad you weren't 100% yesterday, Fingers

    Nice efffort, MikeS. Early run for me? Remember the hour difference, but yes, I'm usually running at 6am or thereabouts, try to get out of the door before 6am for long ones

    Pretty tough weekend for NZC there, good work

    TR, I have a ballot place for FLM and was happy to just run round not too slowly and enjoy the occasion. But training is going quite well, so I might have to run it with some intent...

    What: 10 miles easy
    Why: get the legs loosened up
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: saturday

  • Morning folks.

    It's been a quiet weekend on here...suppose I'm as much to blame as anyone, seeing as I haven't posted since Friday morning!

    MikeS - sounds like a reasonable enough outing.

    Anyway, had a bit of a mixed bag the last few days...

    ...on my short run at Friday lunchtime to loosen the legs for the National XC on Saturday, I sort of half-stepped off a kerb, almost twisting the ankle which has been giving me grief in recent weeks. Thought I'd stopped myself in time and put it out my head to the end of the run. But as the afternoon wore on, I was aware that it was a wee bit niggly, but figured it would settle down OK overnight.

    So headed through to the National XC on Saturday with the ankle not feeling 100% right, but reasonably confident it would hold together for the race. I was only planning on running the race as a steady training session, so figured I could just concentrate on being careful with my footing. In the event, never quite worked out that way. Ran the first of the 3 laps alongside a clubmate at a nice comfortable pace. But on the way round the second lap, on one of the steep climbs I felt a bit of 'tugging' around the achilles, so decided there and then that it wasn't worth risking it by running another 6-7k of hills and mud. FLM is the priority, so wasn't going to risk anything. The blessing was that I managed to watch the end of the men's race which ended in a fantastic 3-way sprint finish. Left feeling a bit frustrated that my 'jinx race' has got me again (I've had 2 DNFs and another shocker of a run there in the past 4 years!), but confident that I made the correct decision.

    Back on the dry, flat canal towpath yesterday morning, I was sort of vindicated, as just a wee bit of stiffness crept into the ankle after about 12 or 13 miles of my long run. Ended up doing a solid 20 miler in 2hrs 20mins.

    For today...

    What: lunchtime - 6 or 7 easy miles, pm - club run, probably 8 or 9 steady miles, with the option of some efforts along the way.
    Why: aerobic mileage

    Off to Cyprus tomorrow for a week of (hopefully) Winter sunshine, plenty of training miles and regular dunking of the legs into a cold swimming pool to aid the ankle recovery. Cannae wait.

    Have a great day. 

  • Lyrics - not a clue

    What: Steadily paced 8 miles around SE London suburbia


    Last hard: Several days (allowed myself an easier week last week as knees have been getting very sore again)

    Last rest: 3 days (Friday) 

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    Guilty too of not being around - been busy with family related stuff most of the weekend..

    Prudent decision at the nationals Scobos. Enjoy Cyprus, which part?
    Mike - well run ditto DD

    Friday did 4.2 xc , very thick mud on the fields.
    Saturday 15.5 miles easy
    Sunday 12 miles xc steady
    Today - 4-5 easy miles

    Have a great week

  • Morning all.

    Well run Mike.

    Well done for being cautious Scobos - it's not always easy!  Enjoy Cyprus

    What: 5 miles done at 6am - it was meant to be easy but was probably closer to steady HR-wise
    Why: daily does it
    Last hard:  hmmm
    Last rest: 16th Feb

    It was fab this morning to see just how light it is becoming in the mornings now.  I'll be able to start running some of my unlit routes very soon. 

    Have a good day.

  • Dustin - staying between Paphos and Coral Bay. Been to the area a couple of times before, so at least got a decent idea of where some good running routes are, particularly on the Akamas Peninsula. Looking at some of the forecasts, doesn't look like the weather will be too great, with a fair bit of rain about...but at least it'll be mild rain, so not all bad.
  • Morning folks.

    Sorry, haven't really had the time to read back over the weekend, so congratulations and commiserations as appropriate. Mrs TT/TT jr were both very under the weather all weekend - we actually ended up having to take a hospital trip Sat morning as we couldn't get Mrs TT's temp down (was in the mid-high 38s for 3 days at that stage) and she was starting to feel worse. Luckily it was confirmed as 'only' a bad dose of flu. Jr and I seem to have sidestepped all of it bar some of the smaller symptoms (tight chest, slight temp, etc). So basically, my planned 40-50m from Fri evening to Sunday, incl 2 sessions, became 3m easy (tummy problems, a side effect of the lurgy, kept me from doing more). Such is life image

    I did get to watch Mo Farah on Saturday on the indoors though. He looked very impressive.

    Gobi - why? I know you know, but it still has to be said. Not clever mate. It can only slow down your rehab.....

    Scobos - fingers crossed for the ankle. You seem to have had a few ankle problems lately. Is there a general weakness, or is it just the routes you run?

    What: 24m d&d - HR a little high (slight lurgy), but kept it easy for the first 14, and allowed the pace to quicken a little (but still controlled - PMP+40-60s) for the last 10. / 5-10m easy later.
    Why: Monday.
    Last hard: the whole weekend.
    Last rest: 21/02.
    Lyrics: No.

    Have a good day all.

  • Hi All

    Mike S: solid effort, you always seem to struggle at the start and finish strong, perhaps you should run ultras?

    Scobos: Wish that I had been that wise on occasion

    Gobi: 90 days to Comrades, make sure you're there. Are you in touch with Sporta? is he back running?

    What: 5.6 miles on tready d & d, 8 miles tonight with club then maybe the Belgian bar for mussels and frites
    Why: Tis Comrades training season
    Last Hard: Friday
    Last Rest: thursday

  • Afternoon all,

    I have read back a bit and there have been some quite outstanding running, not going to name everybody as I would be here all day, but you know who you are and well done to you all.

    First outing in 3 weeks or so for me tonight, so will be taking it easy on a flat 3 miler.

    Lyrics - Nope

    What - See above

    Why - Cos I need to



  • Afternoon all.

    Quick de-lurk to declare that after my visit to the fiz this morning I'm going to be allowed to try the R-word again!  Just for a flat mile to test for reaction from my achiles, but progress of a sort.  Also my muscle reaction to the loaded heel drops I've been doing has been so successful that I'm now very asymetric!  I now have to do some on the other leg as well to balance things up.

    What have you done to yourself?

    Sounds like a wise decision.
    Nice bit of Southern Cyprus that you're staying in, I like Akamas.  North is better still if you get the chance to visit it - very interesting, few tourists and some great castles.

  • TT - don't think it's anything to do with the routes I run...I've just got general weakness in both ankles from years of twists and sprains from playing football, climbing and (hill)running. I've lost count of the number of times I've had to resort to the R.I.C.E. treatment!!! In the last 3 or 4 years I've had any number of problems with my right foot/ankle in particular, but I've always managed to get them sorted fairly quickly. The current ankle problem does seem to be hanging around a bit though, but I sort of expected that since I realised at the time I sprained it before Christmas that it was a worse sprain than 'the usual' ones. Just having to manage it as best I can, while getting fairly regular mobilisation done on the joint (every 3-4 weeks). I also do daily rotation/mobility exercises on both ankles. If I can keep it working until FLM, hopefully the reduction in mileage after then, along with the increased cycling/cross training etc., will help to sort it out properly. I've entered the Highland Cross Duathlon which is 8 weeks after FLM, so planning to spend a fair bit more time on the bike for a few weeks post-FLM.

    40mins - great news! Enjoy getting back out there.
  • Afternoon all,

    scobos:  Sounds like a sensible decision

    40 - welcome back - hope it's not a false dawn. 

    • What:  4m.  Things not right, but better than they were. 
    • Why:  a runner who's not running is about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike. 
    • Last Hard:  what does this mean?
    • Last Rest:  Too long, too proximal

    Have a good one. 

  • What: 6miles over big hill

    Why: Strengthening

    Why is it that I can run further up the hill than I've ever managed before, run faster down the hill faster than before and get around the loop 100seconds faster than ever before, but still feel disappointed because I got around in 50minutes and 3seconds...? Why couldn't I have been 4 seconds quicker! image

    Have a good day all 

  • lmski - excellent lyrics for the attempted thread start yesterday. One of my favourite bands of the early 90s, must have seen them at least 10 times image
  • Afternoon

    Gobi - a RUN hope its a start

    40 - Hello hope all goes well with the R word

    today woke up with a sore toe. Last night i thought it would be a good idea (not really) to kick my left achilles with my right big toe

    Please Don't try this at home

    What: 4 x 750metre intervals on the concept 2
    Why: non run day
    Last Hard: Still searching
    Lyrics: Naw
  • Afternoon,

    Pammie - by a weird coincidence, I kicked my right achilles with my left foot 3 times whilst out running today.  I don't know why I suddenly would do that, but I'm thinking it's probably something of a reaction to the tight back I've had for the last few days that might be affecting my gait.  No damage done in my case, fortunately - hope your toe recovers.

    Lyrics: yes, but which version?  I can think of four and my favourite is the one by Muse.
    What: 9.5M
    Why: on holiday this week and not able to run for next 3 days - get some miles in when I can
    Last hard: Saturday
    Last rest: Wednesday

    Off to London for a few days tomorrow, so will check back in at the end of the week.

    Take care.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Imski - that FLM story sounds familiar. My bagging a ballot place soon became a sub3 quest. Hope you make yourself proud.
  • SSING - 2nd team in the relay - that's fantastic, especially running the final leg. Yes, put a late entry for New Plymouth in last night. Now left leg feels a bit sore, isn't that always the way!

    Probably being silly, haven't even done a 20 miler, but then to do a 20 miler in the conditions we've been having, I probably would have finished myself off anyway! I'll just have to take it easy and enjoy it. Going down with my daughter and gdaughters, so will have a girls weekend. Must book our accommodation now!

    Scobos - shame about the nationals, but got another excellent long run in there. Think my son is heading off for a few days to Cyprus too shortly - what's the attraction there? Never been there myself.

    AF - 4 miles is better than 0 miles, keep it short and easy until it frees up again. 

    Pammie - be careful out there;-)

    What: Mowed the lawns - the only x-training I do!

    Good running everyone.

  • Tipp Top - meant to say, hope Mrs T is feeling better now, amazing that you still managed to get a long run in.
  • Evening all,

    Went for my run as promised. Thought I was going for a flat 3ish miles but ended up going trail running, through the park, up a good set of steps then a 350 metres quite steep climb, got to the top, legs like jelly, glad I went. Then back along the top and back down, ended up being a 40 minute run!! Quite pleased with that and have now set myself up for a fairly tough one on Wednesday. Need to punish myself as I have not been able to run for 3+ weeks, so will probably be aching after this week.



  •  SS - Sounds like a good little outing!

     Thanks for all the welcome backs, but these really are just experimental steps at present.  Boring gym session afterwork, with more interesting interlude of -

    What:  1 mile easy on track, just under 8 minutes
    Why:  Cos I'm allowed to
    Last hard:  Most of the time since early Nov
    Last rest:  Each day since early Nov

    Legs remembered how to do it, right hamstring felt a little tight at first, but no complaint from achiles.  Key test will be how it feels in the morning.

  • evening

    40 - nice to see you back and maybe at the start of the comeback 

    what: 7.6 miles (with a hill in the middle) d&d in 55:30, mean HR 146
    why: easyish run following on from yesterday's race

    lyrics: not this one

  • Evening all,

    Scobos: sounds like you made the right decision with the DNF. Enjoy your holiday

    40mins: fingers crossed there's no reaction tomorrow

    AF; hopefully this is the start of your return,

    What: 4.5m inc 5x600m off 200m jog recs. Reps were done in: 1:57 1:54 1:53 1:54 1:51 1:49
    Why: Schedule
    Last hard: tonight
    Last rest: friday

    Hope the ill and injured are improving 

  • Good evening

    Welcome back 40 mins! Hope all goes well...the key word is "gradual" I believe.
    Hope all went well at physio Gobi.

    What: just a steady 10 mins stretch of the legs
    Why: feel a few niggles around the ankles and shins...hope that the problems of the last few years are not about to return!
    Last hard: Jan 2
    Last rest: Dec 24

    Lyrics: nope

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Scobos, do you do lots of exercises balancing on one leg, eg with your eyes closed, going up onto your toes, and doing little one leg squats, and writing your name in the air with one arm, while balancing, and then all the last 3 with your eyes closed ?
    - preferably on soft sand in Cyprus; have a great time

    40mins, good to see you back, even if it is only 1ml

    What: 7ml easy
    Why: I needed to go for a run after spending c 90 mins on the phone to the Talktalk helpline about my mum;s 'broadband, trying to pretend I was her and wasn't 100ml from the 'puter in questionimage

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    40 mins great to see you back, easy does it

    What - 8m
    Why Trg plan and Club Run
    Last Hard - Thurs
    Last Rest - Tues

    Take care

  • Welcome back 40

    TmR: Don't worry, these Help desk people are also 100 miles from their nearest computer.

    SSing and NZC: Isn't it about time you made me jealous again by talking about the glorious runs along sandy bush tracks with the lorikeets and galahs chattering in the gum trees?

  • Hi Guys,

    NZC - I'm sure you will do well in the marathon. Remember the body can function on ''memory''.

     Blisters -  lol,   I have had a few bush track runs, but I can't say there were any lorikeets etc,  I'll have to go to the south island for that.

    What: 12 miles at a good effort along the waterfront at 5:30am 

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