skiing and running

Just come back from a week's skiing and gone for a long run (am running the LFM) of 18 miles!

About 5 miles in - my hips started to hurt to such a point i had to stop and do some stretching and mobilisation exercises in order to carry on (which of course i did !)

Anyone had this problem - am hoping its something to do with skiing and not running for a week rather than anything major


  • HI Rose

    I was skiing over half-term (last week) Was HM fit before I went; no problems whiel there altho' burning thighs from time to time trying to keep up with my 6 year old!

    Back to running this week and it is really hard after only 16 days off and 6 of them on skis.  My thighs are soooo tired I have so far managed 4.5 miles on Tuesday, 5 miles yesterday am, both at just over 10mm and today did a 30 min 5K but was knackered.  I was aiming for a 2 hour Hm just b4 I went (it was cancelled) so I think I am just claiming tired legs and hopefully your hips are just a similar issue.

     Hope things have improved now

    Take care


  • went skiing over half term as well, first two run were pants but today did 5k and it is improving.

    If you are like me when on your skiing holiday you ski for as long as possible while there, suspect its you body being tired. Where we were we had mountains of new snow, skiing through powder is tiring on the legs

  • Ditto Ditto Ditto, lovely snow rude not to. Horribly drunk sorry I love skiing esp. once I get home
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