Cranleigh 15/21

Anyone else out there doing this? I'm aiming for the 21 hopefully, part of training for FLM. Not done it before, so interested in hearing other experiences.


  • It is a pleasant run. Early start because it is the day we go to BST. Painful running past the finish @ 15 miles too !

    I was thinking of doing it this year but have obviously left it too late.
  • I'm doing the 21 as training for FLM. I haven't run it before, so can't give you any info.
  • This is an excellent pre-FLM race in my opinion. It's pretty much all on fairly quiet country roads. There's a bit of a hill which you end up doing twice (if you do the 21) but it's nothing too bad. Doing the 21 will prepare you well for London.
  • looks like I have missed the boat for this one- does anyone have an entry they won't be using- do you know if exchanges are accepted?
  • I have received confirmation that exchanges would be accepted - so look forward to hearing from anyone with a space going spare! 
  • I am doing the 21M event, can anyone please let me know what the route is really like!?



  • Does anyone have an entry to this event that they no longer require?
  • Likewise, anyone have an entry that no longer using


  • Are there any slower runners out there looking to use this race as prep for LM that are hoping to complete the 21 miler aiming for between 10 and 11 minute miles?  If so would  love to know if you would like a running partner.

  • Haven't been able to do enough training due to injury and a bit worried about this. Last week did 15 miles but this is a lot more. Does anyone know what the hills are like ? Hopefully there aren't any !
  • So that was much harder than I expected... did 8:27 average miles, which is the same pace as I did a really hilly 20 miler 4 weeks ago.  Am hoping this is because I am more tired, so once I taper for FLM I'll run further and faster easily.....
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    I really enjoyed that - had relatively fresh legs and found I got faster as the race went on. Finished in 2.57 and a bit - very pleased with that. I thought the hills would be worse than they were (I live in East Anglia and we don't do hills round here!), although the one at the end was pretty tough second time round.
  • The results are out. Enjoyed yesterday, well organised as usual. I just wish I had had been able to find my gloves to wear during the first few miles!
  • Great race and I thought the Race overall was certainly "undulating" especially the two six mile loops where at 14 and 20 miles there was a nasty climb !

    all ready for my Zurich Marathon now same day as FLM! 

  • An enjoyable and fairly testing route in places, I am pleased with my time - 2:44:26, and feel reasonably confident towards the FLM now...

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