Strange gait?

If the Pod has said that I:-

1.  have premature arthritis in both big toes causing my big toe bones to fuse together and become rigid - "hallux limitus/rigidus"!;

2.  I have a very weird gait - I oversupinate on the heel and then overpronate to compensate so my foot crashes down and my big toe takes all the propulsion weight;

3. my left kneecap is on its side (?) and the tracking is totally squewed;

4. my right leg twists out slightly;

5. I have a slight leg length discrepancy; and

6. I have very rigid heels and arches. Apparently my feet are gripping the floor even when I am supposed to be relaxed.

Apparently, I have been walking like this since birth (biomechanically all out) and the running has accentuated it.

Is there any point in me continuing to run?image


  • Perhaps you could join the ministry of silly runs ?

    anyway ..... are you having a problem running ? is that why you had this consultation ? did your pod say he could help ?
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭
    Sounds like you need some work done on your pelvis and perhaps even as far up as your shoulders.  Go and have 2-3 Bowen Technique treatmnets which will work on your pelvis, amongst other things, and help many of the points in your post.
  • Hi BBS,

    I wonder if everyone on the forum had them selves thouroughly checked over, how many would have all, some or more of the things you listed.image

    What did the pod say about running?  Did he say that you should stop, carry on the way you are, change the way you run, or new shoes etc?
  • Sezz- what you say rings a bell with me - one side of my body/ shoulders titlts inwards. This has been mentioned to me before and I am kind of crooked. What are the Bowen techniques?

    I find running very awkward, best way to describe it Welsh Alex. Both feet feel like they land each differently. I am having a lot of problems with my toes, balls of feet and arches and general foot problems.

    Stringy - I am sure you are right- Pod didn't say I should stop running but seems like she is running out of ideas with the orthotics (seem to be making it worse if anything).

  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭

    Bowen Technique is a soft remedial tissue therapy working over muscles, ligaments and tendons.  It's extremely gentle, no massage or manipulation. 

    We look at the whole body, working holistically, so, for example, an apparent turning out of the ankle may in fact be due to an original problem in a shoulder, or a problem in the pelvis may originate in th neck and so on. Every part of the body has a relationship with another part via connective tissue. 

    It's a truly amazing technique which fascinates me more every day.  Check out for more info.   Email me if you want more info.

  • Thanks Sezz- I will look into that.
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