• About time! How exciting!

    It would be amazing to have a British TdF winnerimage but he'll probably be from Kazactstan or somewhere! 

  • Hardly current news.. It was announced last November, although not without the title sponsor. But it was assumed it would be Sky
  • Still, its good to see something concrete.

    High Aims though !
  • concrete tyres... plasticene saddles..
  • Interesting.
    I can't help wondering in Dave Brailsford's developing a god complex. Though to be fair, I would too.

    (selfishness alert) - does this suggest that Sky will be interested in buying up TV rights, i.e. taking coverage off Eurosport and the terrestrials?
  • Good point about SKY Swerve.  They will introduce cheer leaders and stages starting at 3am for the Aisia audience to watch live too.
  • More than happy for Dave B to get a god complex... The Manchester Velodrome was full on Saturday night with over 200 people buying standing tickets as well.

    Dave B signed my program .....

  • Ooh, you were there too?  We were just by the Start / finsh at the level the tunnel comes out at, same as usual.

     Not sure about 'god complex', but I think that it's recognised (as with Woodward) that if you are very driven commited and have the support behind you you can achieve pretty much anything. 

  • Could only get a standing ticket.. On the rail infront of Dolans

    Next Saturday is our (me, Ironmin, Holgs and Vikings) first attempt on track, hopefully there wont be so many people

  • LOL, possibly not.  Very different when you're there on a non Revolution night.  You doing the open taster session or is it a club thing?

  • Open taster session... a first for me and viking, Think Min has had a bash down at Newport. Assorted family there for a laugh, and then on for a curry in Rusholme.

    Not a bad way to spend Saturday night

  • presumably there are easier ways for them to get hold of drugs than entering TdP?  they are from Manchester, after all..!
  • Literally a bash Dave by all reports....

    Ah this is a British cycling team Candy - clearly we are all clean - unlike the naughty foreigners.
  • Thats what I'm worried about Cougie, The lat time I rode a fixie I was 4 and it was a trike !!
  • Hmmm I'd like to see a trike at Manchester !
  • What rather than me, Min and Holgs ????
  • Pity it clashes with the rugby or I may have popped down as wellimage
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