Mizuno Trafford 10K



  • Great day.  Not as fast as I wanted, but still got a PB.  Can't complain though as rather foolishly I ran with the start of a chest infection, so lucky to get round at all! 

     Xan, thanks for the links to the photos, mind you I look terrible!

    RR Rob,  I've done the Bolton 10K twice before and am doing it again this year, suppose it's my local run.  It's a good friendly, low key race like Trafford, but scenery not as good, and a bit more hilly!  There is a fair hill at 6K but not too bad, attack it and its soon over!  Done GMR twice before, great atmosphere and event, but got really frustrated with the crowds last time.

    I noticed you said you'd be back in September.  Is Trafford held twice a year then?  Hope so, as would be nice to run it without the additional bacteria I had yesterday!

  • Results are up.    Trafford 10K Results
  • Scuba Runner, yes they do it twice a year - it's kind of nice to have two cracks at the same course beginning and end of season!

     As for the Bolton one, I can handle hills at 6k (note to self to start doing some hill work though!) - I did the Moonraker 10k in Middleton last year and that had a steep hill after 1k which rather did me in, although it was on one of the very hottest days of the year as well - blistering heat and hills - ouch!

  • Cheers RRR, I'll be back in September.
  • perfect morning for running.well organised run.really enjoyed this run.would liked to have done it quicker but seemed to have grown a massive beer belly in recent weeks
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