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 Introduce myself first, Mark Stokes, 34, from Atherstone, running my second marathon,

I've been told about a "gold"area for spectators, my partners going to be 7mnths pregnant in April and doesn't really wan't to be walking aroung London too much. Is there a prepared area near the finish line where whe will be able to rest while i'm crawling round the marathon route. 


  • I don't know whether you can get access by other means, but I was given a pass for my wife in 2006 from the organiser of the Hospice team I was running for.  She received it from flm as part of the Silver Bond deal, and wasn't going to be there on the day.   It was for one of the stands in the mall.  If you are running for a charity, why not ask them.

    In 2006 I saw on ebay a ticket to a champagne breakfast and after race party hospitality thing, but it was pulled, they are pretty strict.

    Good luck! 

  • Thankyou for your reply, I will try with the charity I'm running for.


  • Mark,

    I watched my husband run in 2004, when I was 8 months pregnant and it was pouring with rain.  Then again the following year with an 11m old on my back.  The second was by far the harder!

    Anyway, what I did, which worked quite well, was to head to canary wharf to spectate.  There are plenty of cafes and bars around which will be open, easy to get to and from and you pass within about 200m at the 15 and 19 mile points (or something like that) so she can cheer you twice, before leisurely heading towards the finish to meet you.

    Don't get her to meet you at the official repatriation area.  Get her to meet you on the steps near Admiralty arch.  The most unpleasant part of the whole experience as a pregnant supporter was trying to squeeze through the crowds to meet my husband at the finish.  Given that I was the size of a small whale, squeezing wasn't something I could do very well image

    At 7m, I was still quite happily plodding around for a good part of the day, so (unless this isn't your first child) she'll not know until nearer the time how she's going to feel about following you about, I'd guess.  The grandstand sounds all a bit boring to me, as a past supporter.  Plus no access to toilets or food, I don't think.

  • Mark - Get her one of those folding chairs so that she can sit down. Around the Canary wharf area would be good because of access to toilets.
  • Chair is a great idea, and toilet access is definatly a must, around every 5 mins (or it seems that way). Thanks for the responses.
  • Mark, I have subjected my wife to spectating 4 times now at various stages of pregnancy & with babies/young kids. I would echo everything that has been said above, canary wharf is ideal due to the loos & availability of food etc. The only other place that was successful was a pub just north of tower bridge on the highway as you pass of at 13&22 miles.
    I would also echo the advice of staying away from the finish & repatriation area as it is just way too busy.
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