New Camelbak to make you look like a hunchback

Saw this advertised in the latest magazine and fell of my chair laughing. It looks ridiculous, unless someone spots the tube they are going to think you have a hunchback.

Furher info

I am all for innovation but what is wrong with the back pack type? They don't bounce around, have extra pockets and you can take it off and still have your shirt on.


  • Seems an innovation too far for me.

    'Sorry - cant run today = my camelbak is in the wash'
  • What next a bladder surgically implanted under the skin on your back!!!
  • I can imagine it really annoying you if you have bony scapulars.  It is really going to rub as you run.  It has be be designed with cycling in mind.

    mmm I think I will stick with my catalyst.

  • I think it's an interesting idea but I'd need to be convinced that the material the vest is made of can stand up to the rigours of it over time - C'baks themselves seem to last for years by comparison.....

    Salomon did something similar a couple of years ago which was like a cross between a gilet and a rucsack - so worn like a jacket but bladders built in. They killed it after a couple of years.
  • There's an advert for them in this months magazine - with a picture of a guy wearing one.  Think i'll give it a wide berth.

    not surprised that Salomon killed it... 

  • I bought one of those new camelbaks, what do you think?

  • better than your avatar image
  • lol, I saw the top in this months mag as well, and have to say I had the exact same first thoughts as you!!
  • Nigel Sanderson 2 wrote (see)
    better than your avatar image
    How true.  image
  • It deffinately doesn't look like it was intended for cycling as it sits far too high on the back. Infact it looks too high on the back for running too!

    The bells, the bells!

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