Not able to run 5k thread

Ok guys

Can we keep this thread for those of us that cant yet run 5k.

I have been stumbling along for a few weeks and recently did manage 1.5 miles!!

I really would like to talk to those that are also struggling in the formative stages, so comeon in!!!!!!!!



  • Hey Joe, 

    I'll join you here.  I just started three weeks ago and I've got a long way to go before I reach half mile!!!  I'm taking it real slow.  I took up running for health, so speed, etc. isn't a big deal to me.  I'm lucky to be able to get as far as I have lol.  I must say, I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I do.  It really feels good.  I've had to work and it's been raining the past two days, so I haven't gotten out and it's killing me.  I think I will just do a few minutes on the treadmill tonight when I get home.  The trouble with that, is I get home so late and I'm so tired that motivation isn't there @ 8 at night.  But, tonight I will make sure it's there, even  if I just run for a little bit.

  • kaybeekaybee ✭✭✭
    Ladies and Gents, I feel your pain.  What is consistently unacknowledged is that the hardest mile for beginners is mile 0 to mile 1.  I now do (very slow) half-marathons but  it took me any number of "false starts" of trying to do one mile and "failing"  to stick with it.  Keep it low and slow and you WILL get there. Promise.  Keep posting on how you get on! image
  • When i started it took me 2 weeks to get to 30mins of continous running, don't know how far that was because i didn't  measure it. It took another 4 weeks to reach 6 miles.

    This was from a basis of zero cardio, though i was doing weights, and at a rather porky 15st at 5' 10"....not muscular!

  • I only started running on wednesday and can definitely not run 5k so can i join as well?  Can't wait till i can run 5k tho!!image
  • I was so energized today and thought it would be good to take a walk/run when I got home from work.  I'm not sure what happened by I could only do 15 minutes of brisk walking before I got tired.  I ran for three minutes in between but it was hell.  Is this normal?  Has it happened to anyone else?
  • JjJj ✭✭✭
    just keep at it. This is an excellent idea for a thread because when you're starting out it really can be demoralising if you think you're the only one. But you're not! Just slow down and keep going out at least three times a week. Be consistent in your consistency and you WILL improve. (four months to get to the first mile, myself.)
  • I'm in.  I have been running for about 7 weeks but had 3 weeks off in the middle as I somehow hurt my knee and then the snow came.

    I have done a 5k circuit the last 2 times I have been out but am a long way from being able to run the whole way.  Although I did manage a 10 minute run yesterday.  I still have to have regular walk breaks over the period of the 5k.  Can't wait til I can run the whole way.

  • Welcome all

    My running - if i can call it that - has been extremely patchy the last couple of weeks.

    Cant seem to shake a cold off!!

    Went out the other day and instead of trying to jog as long as i can did the run walk thing but a lot quicker than i jog normally. Very different challenge and I felt it broke up the hard grind a little.

    Reckoning on going out again Mon am with the dog.

  • I've been running in the gym since about this time last year and I STILL can't manage 5km without having to stop and walk image I'm sure I've got myself a mental block over it. My aim this year though is to do the RFL near me and complete the lot without walking, so I need to get practicing!
  • It tool me a while to manage over 5k and it still just hurts to get past 1/4 mile sometimes when the nagging knee pain disappears.

    I found the best way to get there - like the advice is keep it slow and steady but another fab piece of advice i also read was don't take a watch - give it a rest for two or three runs and don't obsess about distance and time - you'll find you're probably running a little further as a result because you're not focusing on time whilst you're running.

     It worked for me - and most of all keep at it - you will get there took me about 7 weeks to run the whole 5km.

  • Hiya,

    I hope you don't mind me jumping in too!

    I am a newbie on week 3 of the training programme for the 5k , really enjoying it so far.

    A couple of weeks back I entered a the Dunfermline 5k race and I must admit I am having a bit of a confidence crisis about it.  The plan that I am following is Suz's coach to 5k lasts 9 weeks on week 3 and race is on 9th May leaving me 2/3 weeks spare before the race.

    The last runner's time for the race was 39 minutes in 2008 and I am worried I might not even manage that.

    My question is, have I been too hasty?  I am better bowing out gracefully and doing a race later in the year when I am much more experienced and not annoying race marshalls who will be waiting for me to finish?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • kaybeekaybee ✭✭✭

    Lisac I don't think you are being too hasty at all.  You are following a plan - which is good.  You are enjoying it - which is even better.  You've got a bit of wiggle room between the plan and the race, so if you have a setback its not the end of the world.

    Don't worry about your time for your first race - whatever you run will be a personal best!  In my experience marshals are very supportive and encouraging of newbies.  Go for it!

  • Thanks Kaybee!

    I think I just needed someone to tell me I was not being daft if you know what I mean.

    My running partner is also losing a bit of enthusiasm for it and I suspect I may have to do the race alone although my very supportive hubbie will be on the sidelines.

    Thanks for your vote of confidence it is really appreciated.

  • kaybeekaybee ✭✭✭
    Yes, I do know what you mean, and you are most welcome.  Good luck!
  • hi people thank god i have found this thread i have been running for 4 weeks now am just doing 2 miles without stopping, some time i can sail through it soetimes i need to stop for a few seconds but am really hooked.  i also have realised that if i start off faceing the wind i get around faster , because the wind is behind me coming back. ha, has anybody found that. also i like mid afternoon running rather than morning, or night time. what you think. plus i like pasta before running is this normal do u think.look 4 ward to hearing from you  image
  • to lisac just like to say a very good luck in your racing i will be looking to see how you are getting on . i hav just started out out , iam running 2miles in 30 mins with a struggle ha, but am enjoying it. well it all for fun ay, ha or is it .image

  • Yes, count me in.

    Started running two weeks ago on my 50th birthday having never run since PE in secondary school.

    Best so far is 3 mins without stopping covering 0.31 mile but I'm finding I'm actually starting to enjoy the running now. Just wish I could run for longer but hopefully if I keep it steady the distance will come.

    Also made some significant changes to my diet (helped by a site recommended on here - and so far managed to get my weight down from 14st 9lb three weeks ago to 14st 2lb this weekend. (and that's 3.5 bags of sugar! image

    Good to read about others at roughly the same stage.

    A 5k in the summer? You never know...

  • Can I be in?

    I have done some 5k s but I run walk.  I did get up to 8mins run, 2 walk but was ill for 3 months over the summer so started back again in December.

    Currently at 3min run and 2 min walk.  I like run/walk not sure I'm ever going to change!

  • am so fed up it raining and i want to go for a run .image
  • Running in the rain is quite nice image  Give it a go!
  • Nice to see i'm not the only one struggling to crack the 5k without walking, up to 3k, so hopefully not far off.

    Does anyone else find their mind wandering after about 10minutes of running, leading to relaising you're knackered and starting to walk? or maybe it's just me and my short attention span.

  • thanks for the advice paula had a run in the rain yea it was quite nice. kept me cool .
  • Thanks Gillian,

    You are giving me hope!

    In about 5/6 weeks I hope to be the same position as yourself as at least getting there.

     Thanks for replying x

  • Yeah I've discovered that cold weather is much better than hot weather, for running in.  So now I like the weather all year round!  Well maybe not sludge image
  • Didnt get out again Monday!!

    Feel Im operating at 70% not exactly ill - but not well either!! Wish I would either get sick properly for a few days or feel well again.

    Glad to see others sticking at it. 

  • Hi, I just started running on Monday. Ran a mile and yesterday I ran two miles but i was pretty wrecked afterwards like.

    I don't think I coudl do 5k yet, but I'm hoping to be able to fairly quickly as am aiming towards a half marthon in September.

    With determination I'll get there hopefully.

  • I dont think I could do 13 miles in the car at the mo Rod!!

    Yet another day and bugger all done.

    Gota  coupla weeks of at the end of this week so hopefully can get recovered by then and do some consistent staggering. 

  • splodgeindeal wrote (see)

    Nice to see i'm not the only one struggling to crack the 5k without walking, up to 3k, so hopefully not far off.

    Does anyone else find their mind wandering after about 10minutes of running, leading to relaising you're knackered and starting to walk? or maybe it's just me and my short attention span.

    My mind used to turn to feeling tired after a couple of miles, but not I find running one of the most head-clearing experiences ever. It's takes me a few k to get my breathing pattern sorted, but after that I'm away in cloud cuckoo land. It's brilliant. The only real time that I get to forget worries etc. and just clear my head.

    Good luck folks, keep at it. You'll get such a massive sense of achievement once you achieve your 5k image

  • Went out and did my 5k route this morning.  I managed 14 minutes running before I had to stop and walk.  Double that and I will hopefully be almost there!  Still a fair way to go but hoping I will be able to run 5k in a months time.
  • I did one 5k once without stopping, but the next one I had to walk a good portion.  So, since my training was sporadic, I started from the beginning with one of the C25k podcasts, and that's helping a lot.  I'm finding I am pacing and breathing a lot better than I did when I was running before.  I signed myself up for a 5k in the 3rd week of April, and I'm on the 3rd week of 9 week training now, so hopefully I'll be ready!
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