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  • £15 per year, EA affiliated for all members, BTA affiliated as a club. HQ (we've recently moved) has hot showers and bar. 2 x XC leagues and Relays paid for by club. Website & occasional newsletter.
    And yup, we still get people complaining about subs, or paying them late or not at all.

  • If i were going to pay  £93 fees to join a running club i'd expect a pair of "Go-faster" running shoes to be included with my membership card!!

  • £20/year, or £15 if you pay before renewal date.  Includes EA Competition Licence.  2 club nights/week at £1 each, track session Fridays, choice of track or road groups on Wednesday.  Benefits of membership include free coaches/minibuses to some races, free entry to X-C league.

    I have to ask - which club charges £93 and what do you get for it?

  • Hopetofinish - I'd ask what the money is going towards, ask to see the accounts, have you had your AGM yet?

    Do they supply you with kit or do you pay for your own?

    To me it sounds a heck of a lot of dosh.

  • I had to buy the kids their running vests, so that was an added expense.  Ive havent run in club colours when ive run a half, though i did pay the couple of quid less as an affliated runner.  Decided I was too fat and slow to justify putting on a vestimage.

    If there is an away competition (for the colts)   the coach is paid for by the club, so I guess that probably costs.  I think they do that several times a year.

    My club is in the SE, the commuter belt.

  • Sounds expensive hopeto finish..

    We pay £20 a year (Les Croupiers RC, Cardiff) 

    Includes UKA affiliation, free running vest for new members, 3 free training session a week, clubhouse/changing (OK - slightly dodgy showers..), free entry to club sponsored races (eg Gwent League X-Crountry and National Road Relays), a great newsletter, weekly talk by club captain, web site, hand holding introduction to new race types (eg Mountain Marathons), subsidised mini-bus trips when going further afield, meeting lots of very bad people (my now so-called friends..)

    We also organise and support a free popular weekly 5k race (Cardiff Park Run) - aim to promote running to everyone and anyone

    'Pay to enter' races we organise (Welsh Castles Relay, triathlons, Barry 40 etc) and  sponsorship help balance the books... 

  • PS "Hopetofinish" is a great name - why didn't I think of that ??!!
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