So hacked off!

My friend and I started training in October and by mid December we could run 5k fairly comfortably then, due to situations beyond our control, we had to stop training for a bit.  We started again this week expecting to be able to run for at least 15 mins but were shocked to discover we had lost almost all the fitness we had built up.

 We have had to go back to week 3 of the RW 5K beginners programme and even that is a bit of a struggle.

We had originally planned to do a 10k in May but that seems very unlikely now, will probably powerwalk at best.

 Is this common and will we ever get our fitness back?


  • You will probably find you get your fitness back quicker than you gained it first time around.

     Welcome back and don't be despondent.

  • Thanks Pig

  • shes right


    Piggy, your tail moves!

  • I notice the difference if I have a week off so don't beat yourself up if you've had trouble getting back into it. I seem to get back into it quite quickly.
  • I had 16 days off spending 6 of them skiing and was HM fit b4 and am now struggling to do 5 miles.  I'm sure it will come back, don't get fed up, I'm trying to be positiveimage
  • Dippy, please don't worry!

    Everyone has dips in training and fitness - it arguably gets easier to return to previous form the more experienced you are, but you will get back there.

    I reckon you could still manage that 10K, y'know.  May's still a while off.

    Pig is right - you'll probably find that your fitness improves more quickly this time round, because you're covering ground you've already done in the past.

    Take it slowly, steadily, stay positive and stick at it.  You'll get there.

    Keep us updated with progress! image

  • You will get it back, it's amazing (not in a good wayimage) how quickly you can lose fitness - I couldn't get out over half term and was knackered first run when the schools were back. 

    Don't give up though, you've plenty of time to get ready for May and you'll find that once you start, you'll get there sooner. 

    Also, weather/light improving, so will be nicer/better/easier for you to get out nowimage.

    Keep at it, we're all rootin' for you image and look forward to hearing how you progress.  Even if you can't get out, don't forget you can always do something else - all helps towards stamina, fitness etc.  Run/walk combos are great for getting you back into the swing of it, and as you're doing it together, you'll be able to keep each other going.

    Good luckimage

  • I agree with what everyone else has said. I had just started hitting 8-9km on my runs and then I chickened out and gave up for the winter because it was cold. I've just started up again and although I can't do anything close to the distances I was doing, it's building up quicker than it did before.

    Do your 10k.You have plenty of time image

  • Thanks for all your support guys, it's much appreciated.

    My friend  suffered a particularly nasty virus over Xmas then had some family stuff to sort out so I didn't want to push her into running when she had other things on her mind.  I wouldn't go out on my own because I need the distraction - so it became easier not to. image

    I'm still pretty fit as I do lots of dvds but we just can't sort the running out. My friend is really breathless (I have suggested a course of iron tablets in case she is anaemic) so although I feel I could do a bit more I don't want her to feel like she is holding me back and end up giving up.

    So my plan is to just take it really easy and hope we both stop finding it an effort. It's better to do 3 minute bursts than nothing at all I s'pose.

  • are you doing the running bits too fast?

    you should be able to tlak during them

  • I started running 2 1/2 yrs ago, then had to give up after 8 - 10 wks through injury.  I wasn't able to restart until last May/June.

    On my physio's advice, I just started with walking 10mins 2/3 times per week, then 20 mins, 30 mins etc.

     You could try that as it sounds to me as if you're going too fast at the beginning.  (Easiest thing to do, I'm always doing it, and then get knackered later onimage.)

    Alternatively, you could do run/walk combos - say in 5 mins bursts eg run2/walk3, that way you keep on the move, but not to the extent that it makes you keel overimage.  IMHO, I think it's better to try and keep moving, both physically and mentally, than run, get so out of breath that you have to stop.  Think it would also help you to rebuild your stamina etc.

  • I also got really despondant when my fitness dropped but I'm slowly getting better- jogging not running and seeking out flat routes. Your friend is very lucky to have you, my friends would have dumped me and sped off !!!! 
  • Hipps and CJBA do have a point actually, Dippy.image

    Maybe you are setting out too fast.  You should be able to maintain a conversation when you're doing the running bits.

    Might seem ridiculously slow at first, but you'll probably find you'll progress better in the long run if you build up gradually.

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