Pizza at Pizzamans 6/3/2009


Fat Face



  • I won't add me as I'm rubbish at actually turning up to things.

    But I will bookmark this & see what's happening Friday image

  • ooh look a list!!! image

    doh!! I'm already on it image

    that'll be at 7.30 pm will it? image

    on Friday 6th March 2009? image


    Fat Face

  • tell you what Mitten, just tell me your address and I'll come and kidnap you . . 

    then Mr Mitten can come along and pay the bill . . 

    erm . . I mean the ransom image

  • Where's Pizzamans?
  • Damn I shall be at work!
  • It's in Chorleywood in Hertfordshire.

    I'd best tell him I suppose.

  • >lurks until Friday<

    I don't actually know where Chorleywood is image Well, I do roughly but I'd have to check a map before leaving image

  • that's why you need kidnapping, Mitts image

    throw a sicky Meldy, we won't tell image

    you going to join us Kaz? image

  • Sadly no Rich.  It'd prob be do-able on a weekend but not on a weekday. image
  • We could change it to Saturday 7th.
  • I'd still be at work   image
  • there's your answer, Kaz image

    that's a long shift Meldy image

  • Reducing Crime, Fear and Disorder   image
  • or should that be inducing ,....
  • I'd need to try and do a bit of re-jigging but if I can get a later appointment at the hairdressers I'd be up for it
  • do you mean the Saturday (7th), Kaz? would be good to have you join us and the pizzas are most excellent image

  • oh this sounds like fun ...................  can I come


  • so when is it ................ Fri or Sat?

    I'm going to bring some beetroot 

  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭

    I' love beetroot.  Fat Face hates it.

    Can you do  a beetroot pizza?

    So, Kaz, Fri or Sat then?

  • I'll have a little look at the beetroot possibilities tomorrow .............. no seriously. Welsh Alex might have a lot to answer for.

    Mitten, if you're not going then I'm not!!!! (Pizza Man stmps feet, folds arms tightly and puts nose in the air) 

  • Can't do Friday but could do Saturday
  • Just back from a chilly, slow, 18 miler so brain not functioning well.  I can do Saturday - as I say just need to shuffle things a bit so I don't have to worry about having to do my long run on Sunday!!

    One of my new clubmates had suggested I join her and other clubmate on their long run next Sunday but I'm too slow over that sort of distance so will have to leave that for now.

    Pizza eating, however, I'm extremely good at image

  • 99% on Mitten being there image

    Are we Friday or Saturday now?

  • now? we're Sunday . . c'mon Mitts keep up image

    Pizza . . Saturday image

    the List

    Pizza at Pizzaman's

    Saturday 7 March 2009

    Fat Face 
    Mr Mitten ?
    Ultra Kazzaaaaah!!
    Womble ?

    going to starve myself all week now so I can eat Lots at the Peppermill image

  • Got MK the day after image

    Actually pasta & pizza is a good thing image

  • but we're starting at 7.30 so we won't be late coz we're all Finely Tuned Afletes with Bodies for Temples (it says here)


  • This finely tooned afferlete is eating her second piece of Costa's Chocolate Tiffin of the weekend.  Yum!!!
  • I'll put a Chicago Town pizza in the oven and think about you all image
  • Chicago Town Pizza ............................ Chicago Town pizza ................................ Philistine


  • still cant make Saturday

    But i'll see you at MK on Sunday Mitts!
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